View Full Version : after the release of XIII?

aruon 177
19th Oct 2003, 07:18 PM
how will XIII be after its release,are there going to be any good mod's for it,will people play the online modes and is there going to be a linix/mac os x verson of the game?

5th Jan 2004, 01:56 PM
The quicksaving won't be fixed, there is a mention on the ubi forums that the devs have declared it "not a bug" and the the checkpoint system is correct.

Sadly, ubi totally messed the mapping and modding aspects. My test map (just one room and a few spawn points) crashes my game. User made maps don't seem to work online all the time. Even to play it offline you have to hand edit some ini files to make it selectable (a trick posted on the ubi forums but isn't mentioned anywhere in the manual, etc).

Mods are in even worse shape. Most the unrealscript was stripped out of the u files, meaning an export won't get you a codebase to modify. Even if you could code something that compiled, it wouldn't do any good because there's essentially no mechanism for running modified code with the game. I'm assuming either a custom map with the gametype set might work, or some old school copying of the exe, but I'm not even sure that will work as I think the main menu is natively set.

A shame. Neat engine and a decent game. Even some mutators could really spice up the fun, but ubi was too near sighted to pull it off. The mapping and modding forum is essentially ignored (the moderator doesn't even go there because "he's not into that stuff") and ubi doesn't seem too quick to fix any of this, so I doubt it will change.

aruon 177
5th Jan 2004, 05:26 PM
it is is a cool game but it's not as great as RTCW or NOLF.

6th Jan 2004, 05:40 PM
Ouch. A sad waste of a solid engine.