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8th Oct 2003, 03:51 PM
[ Transcript of review for Bombing Spree [beta] (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=177) | Posted by Shuri on 2003-10-08 | Score: 8.4 ]
Everyone who has downloaded a mod for Unreal Tournament should be familiar with Uncommon. Among other things, he is responsible for the brilliant Flag Domination and CTF4 mods, classics in their own right. Bombing Spree is a new gametype for UT2003, which expands and adds to regular Bombing Run.

For those of you that don't play Bombing Run (or UT2003), the rules are simple - two teams each have a goal, there's a ball (or 'bomb') in the map, and you can score 3 points by shooting it into your enemies goal or seven points for carrying it in. Bombing Spree keeps this format of play, with a major twist - instead of one ball, you can play with up to four in the map at once.

This alters the gameplay significantly. Instead of everyone focusing on one part of the map (where the ball-carrier is), now you have to be aware of where all the balls are at one time. The HUD shows the location of every ball, and each dot on the radar is team-coloured depending on who is carrying that ball. This is a great advancement of the Bombing Run HUD, and it allows you to easily see all the information you need with regards to which team has each ball and the location of each.

With multiple balls in play at once, this means that scores can go higher than Bombing Run in less time. It makes the game faster-paced - a new round only starts once all the balls have been scored, so it makes for a more intense game. One change over Bombing Run improves this gametype a lot - now, when you score with a ball, they explode redeemer-style. This makes it harder for one team to completely dominate the other - they cannot score all the balls one after another, because of the explosions.

While the theory is sound, the actual playing of the gametype isn't as good as it should be. This is mainly down to bot AI - they only seem to go after one ball at a time, and so it plays too similar to Bombing Run. I expect it would be better to play with human players, as they would likely go for whichever ball is free, and you would get all the balls carried at once.

The best thing about the gametype, in my eyes, is that it does not need new maps - it uses regular Bombing Run maps. It spawns one ball at the default placement, and then spawns the others somewhere in the middle of the map. This usually works fine, but on some maps with some numbers of balls you can have odd placements. The other option is to manually edit a BR map by adding the extra balls where you like - however, I did not try this.

All in all, this is a very nice enhancement to Bombing Run. If you are a fan of that gametype, I wholeheartedly recommend trying this out. The very small filesize is a bonus as well.


8th Oct 2003, 04:03 PM
Yes, the bot AI has been a major frustration in making this mod. My work on Flag Domination 2003 has taught me a couple of things which could help me in Bombing Spree. The next release will also include a setting to control the elasticity of the balls.

8th Oct 2003, 04:44 PM
Elasticity meaning... ? :)

Oh, and btw - I forgot to add this to the review, but I had a suggestion. How about a setting for a random amount of balls (2-4) per map? Just to add variety.

9th Oct 2003, 04:29 PM
Bot support would make this a sure winner in my mod folder :D

17th Oct 2003, 12:13 AM
Elasticity meaning how bouncy the balls are. At the maximum setting, they never stop bouncing :)

Random balls is interesting. Of course adding that option means I'll have to move all the ball settings into a separate configuration screen. Sigh... UT gave me a lot more room...

1st Nov 2003, 12:35 AM
Well I finally found the one little thing that was keeping the bots from working right. So as soon as I get the elasticity control GUI fixed up it'll be time for 1.0 :)

1st Nov 2003, 11:38 AM
You got random ball amount in? :)

1st Nov 2003, 03:12 PM
Nope. As I said, that would make too many controls to fit on the game rules screen, and I don't want to deal with making a whole separate config window just yet... maybe I'll just wait until UT2004 when we get UWindows back :)

Anyway, version 1.0 has been uploaded (same link). As soon as my new site is up (hopefully within a week) there'll be a page for it as well.