View Full Version : Infiltration Pimpage Report! Homelan Interviews Inf Team

27th Sep 2003, 10:46 AM

A pretty good interview, must be getting close!

After a long time between updates the mod team at Sentry Studios is close to releasing their 2.9 version of their military themed mod Infilitration for Unreal Tournament. HomeLAN got a chance to chat with several members of the mod team, including Norbert 'Beppo' Bogenrieder (lead programmer), Alberto 'Alpha_9' Leon Jr. (lead level designer), Michael 'sublime' Lawson (beta team leader), Jeremy 'Dr.Strangelove' Cox (webmaster, textures, maps), and > Mike 'Los Pescados' Eheler (level designer) to find out more about the next version of Infiltration.