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Master Roshi
22nd Sep 2003, 07:33 PM
I have some hallways i want to turn in a 90 degree turn but i donot want a corner i want it to curve. How do i do it???

hall size
bottom width 256
top width 112
hight 144

Can anyone help? Step by step plz?

22nd Sep 2003, 09:02 PM
Set up the shape to dimensions you have given in the 2-d editor. . .then see that little green vertice in the middle of the shape? Drag that to either left or right of the shape (depending which way you want it to go) Then press the revolve button. . .it looks like a brush with an arrow all the way around it (i think) Then you can change how much it would curve. . .i normally have the top one on 16. ..the bottom one depends on how you want it to bend, if you want a quarter circle, leave it on four, if you want a semi circle change it to 8. . .and so on. Eeek i think i said everything right. . .but there are plenty of tutes on it, and simply fiddling around with thing will help you to figure out everything it does.

The Twiggman
22nd Sep 2003, 10:57 PM
Could also use the button that places the two blue vertices in and you can move those to create like swing points and will create curve between the two points. Then use extrude at z-axis like 256 or whatever you need.

Knowing the grid dimentions in the 2D editor can be handy when you go hardcore and need things to fit perfectly. The more you fiddle the more you learn though.