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22nd Sep 2003, 02:05 PM
THATS NOT ALL ...WAIT THERES MORE!!! enough deck already...come on, Get off it..let it go!! It seems the deck is rivaling even the phallic fixation. Anyway I amped my Tool cd for mood and did the do on DM-Deck16-AntalusStyle against - oIo's Midec'crotchshot'Hertz and a couple others. I Was laughing the whole time during the map while Trying not to explode from alternate headshots from the grrls on the rocks near the gun area(lightning sniper)...btw Shouts out to Ptown's [VX2]'s Connie L. and Gina V. U grrls blew me away. I need a new box and or a lot more practice. The match made me think about if the games taken too seriously It can lose some of the creativity and fun.Thats what its about for me. HELL I dont map for a LIVING. It's fun for me if it was my job THAT would be different. The UT2003/2004 creation Crew make DAMN FINE game and deserve most credit anyway. So do the Nali City crew for making available a lot of HQ custom Maps (sometimes exlusively). btw shouts out also to [G4V]'s Ben'Remur'Dover and Phil'Hoover'Lhatio Thx but no thx about the clan offer C.Y.A...flattering but Ur just barkin up the wrong tree is all. I prefer to remain clanless. Anyway I thought DM-Deck16-AntalusStyle was fun for a bit,creative, and not 4 everyone.If only ALL MAPS were AntalusStylized hmm...JOKE.




23rd Sep 2003, 07:47 PM
Big'ap yaself

23rd Sep 2003, 09:34 PM
This is one of the more than five deck 16 remakes on my drive. What a tribute to the original author's creation to have so many remakes. I like the visuals on this map and the play is solid deck 16.