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21st Sep 2003, 07:25 PM
Site: http://www.faceoffgame.de or http://www.operationshq.cjb.net
Current Team: Fluke/aka Tom & Crafty/aka Nick

Game Plan &/or Objective
Continue to support FACEOFF and add features we(as a team) see fit for the game. This can come from the community or from our own ideaís. FACEOFF is a game I feel still has a lot of possibilities to expand on and gain even more popularity. Right now I believe it is one of the most rising popular mods for Unreal Tournament 2003. Where other mods have gone in a parallel directions, FACEOFF will continue to separate itself and continue to be a unique game. Crafty and I have been gaming since the first day games really ever came out so we have played a lot of games and learned from them in terms of playability. Personally, Iíve played so many games I have lost count. We are avid FPS gamers and as of late became bored with all the shooters that are out there. Aside from graphics they all do the same generic things. Iíd like to transform FACEOFF into an even better game than it is right now by offering more game play features, player models, weapons and maps for itís current modes of play, TDM, OBJ, CTF and LMS.

Additions to the current Game.
Add more alternatives for Objective. Add different options/features to Objective goals and how to accomplish them.
Add more weapons with good looking skins
Add more player models & more animations
Add more maps of unique design

Looking for. *
Texture artists
Modelers for both player and object models
*I will need to see examples of your work. I am looking for unique artists and modelers

Limitations and other notes
This is a startup, I donít have the money to pay anyone. This is merely people who are willing to work together for a common goal and make a name for themselves by expanding a current game with their ideas. I believe with our ideas we can bring to the table a more unique and fun game with features not utilized by any other games. I(Fluke) am fortunate to be the co-owner of the code to FACEOFF and with it I hope to push FACEOFF further into the lead among current and upcoming mods. I believe with my imagination and that of my partners we can push this game to increase the addiction that FACEOFF currently holds for people who come and play for the first time.

So of course, first thing I want to do is gather a team to discuss our ideas, make sure we are all flying in the same direction. Weíd like to release fixes and more features for FACEOFF in the near future. This mod is currently in the ĎMake it Unreal Tournamentí and a finalist for Models and Maps in Phase 1, Iíd like to continue with this success and make sure FACEOFF it is still a contender for Phase 2 and on. It is critical that we be friends during this fun and exciting time and that we stay positive so we are looking for energetic and creative people who really want to give it a go and put their expertise on the line and deliver a truly unique game to a ever growing community. I might be repetitive but thatís how much we want to do this.

Our overall goal is to make a great game even better, set it apart from the rest and sit back and enjoy a continually growing community.

Contacts crafty_mod@earthlink.net or tomvalenz@sympatico.ca

22nd Sep 2003, 09:06 AM
Is this the original Faceoff? Or only some mutators for it?

If it's the original: What's about HEGI? You've forgotten him by current team

22nd Sep 2003, 12:33 PM
This is the original Face off and we have not forgotten him he has taken on another role

22nd Sep 2003, 03:33 PM
Oh, I didn't know that

23rd Sep 2003, 10:48 AM
Do you have full access to all recourses and full permission to take the mod where you want?

23rd Sep 2003, 01:06 PM
Yup sure do