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18th Sep 2003, 04:10 PM
** n00b alert **

Is there anyway of renaming the bones in UnrealEd?

The reason I ask is this. I am trying to create a player model using maya. I would like to use some of the default animations from the game.

So far so good. The problem is the game character's skeletons use spaces. Maya doesnt support spaces. So I have checked underscores to spaces in actorX options.

My animations work. Play the game.


Great, no weapons. The default skeleton uses Bone_weapon. And actorX has just replaced all the underscores with spaces. Please tell me there is a way to change this bone name in UnrealEd.

I'm no animator, so there is no way I create all those animations by my self.

It's almost like they made the skeletons maya proof, even though they gave the software away with the game.

18th Sep 2003, 09:14 PM
this took a bit of digging, but thanx for the question, 'cause i learned something new in the process.

the bone names from the modeling package aren't referenced directly by the Uscript code -- it references a set of names, like 'righthand'. each of these names is an AttachAlias that is made equivalent to a skeleton bone name from the model.

this process is done in the Animation browser. select one of the Epic models, then open the Mesh tab and fully expand the Attach>Sockets property list. there you will find (among other parameters) an AttachAlias property and a BoneName property. entering appropriate string data here sets the model bone name to an alias used by UScript. use the existing models as examples to see how it's done.

this seems to be a way to permit use of any bone names in the model's skeleton, and equate them to a BoneName as used in UScript.

18th Sep 2003, 09:26 PM
excellent, thanks. I'll be sure to try that next time. To get it to work this time round I ended up running the .psk file through a hexeditor and replaced "Bone weapon" with "Bone_weapon"

Understandably this is not something I'm going to want to do often. So thanks again for digging up that info.