View Full Version : Need Static Meshes?

16th Sep 2003, 05:58 PM
Raven wrote in to invite mappers to Static Reality, a PlanetUnreal-hosted site that provides static meshes, or Smeshes as they call 'em, to the Unreal-engine community. There's also a tutorial describing how to import the meshes and textures into UED, and a forum to discuss, well, Smeshes. ;-)

Raven, who is a staffer at Static Reality, is looking for three things:

1: that you take the time to go to the site and decide for yourself what
the site could mean to the community,
2: that you help the community out by registering at the forums and
offering your services as modelers and/or offering some of the Smeshes
you have already made, and
3: offer your advice as experienced, and well respected members of the
Unreal Universe to the n00bs that are just "getting into the game".

Stop by, say hi, and tell 'em BeyondUnreal sent you.