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14th Sep 2003, 01:44 AM
Maximum Velocity Paintball
Official Website (http://www.mvpb.com)
Irc Server (irc://mvpb.gamesnet.net)

Maximum Velocity Paintball an Unreal Tournament 2003 Mod is now recruiting for the following positions.

Concept Artist

We need atleast one talented artists who thinks he/she can draw detailed sketches of Paintballers from photos and ideas.


We could use atleast one more expirenced coder for mvpb. We are looking for dedicated coders who have expirence in the Unreal Engine or similar coding. We have a nice server system for our code and updating etc. Currently we have 3 coders, currently one is going through some big hardware problems.


Choosing mappers for Mvpb is alot harder then any other positions, because paintball maps/levels take a whole diffrent type of design and look then most other maps for gaming. Most of the levels will be based off of real fields with pictures provided to help the mapping process.


We could use a few animators who are willing to learn about paintball markers and how they work, so they are correctly animated and look great ingame.

More Info

Maximum Velocity Paintball is currently working for our goal release date for our first beta, and that is October 20th, 2003. We already have almost all the maps, models, sounds finished. We just need to complete animating and coding and touch things up. Our mod is based off the extreme sport of Paintball ( for more info visit http://www.warpig.com or http://www.paintball.com.) We have a very dedicated team and our community is great. Right now paintball companies and paintball players worldwide are begging for mvpb to finish our first beta, because as of now its looking to be the best paintball game ever made. Epic themselves support mvpb as a few of the staff members like Joe the programmer play paintball in real life and they are also looking forward to the release of this mod. In joining our mod team you will meet lots of cool people and work with a great staff, thats dedicated. Right now we are looking forward to finishing the first beta then fixing any bugs, etc so we can enter the nvidia contest, If any one is interested in joining the staff either e-mail me ... SuddenImpaq@comcast.net or IM me on Aol Instant Messanger ImpaqShowoFF69 visit our site or irc channel for more information.

Thanks Alot,
Deadlyassasin - Mvpb Leader

12th Oct 2003, 12:30 AM