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7th Sep 2003, 02:20 PM
Hello, would anyone like to check out this map that I'm making to see how the layout is, and the flow... There are no items placed yet and no bot pathing yet either, but the texturing is almost done, as is the lighting and architecture. I'm going to add a lot more trim work to the lower level and also textures and light sources. But the upper levels are pretty much ready. 4 levels of play in all.

Known Problems:
Small H.O.M. problems in the "s" room - fixable.
BSP holes.... I need help knowing how to fix those.
Map needs more trim, especially in the bottom level.

Download the level here: Beta-SXS.zip (http://www.hammertownmusic.com/Shared/Beta-SXS.zip)
The reason it is 5MB download is because the zip includes 2 texture packages (richrig and TechG4desp). If you already have those and want a smaller download then click HERE (http://www.hammertownmusic.com/Shared/DM-SXS.zip).
Thanks for your time. Here is a screenshot:

7th Sep 2003, 08:42 PM
well, already i can see that it is quite an improvement over your first map! I wouldn't recommend using light textures for a floor though. . .like you have done in the s room. . .You should change it back to a floor texture and then create light fixtures (either have them resting in the floor, embedded at an angle on the side or hanging from the roof. . .it'll just look a little better) Your architecture is also much improved, but remember extensive 2d-editor use will lead to extensive texturepan/texturerotate/scaling use. . .so just be careful. your lighting is a lot better (no greening ;)) i take it you took a look at davidms tutorial? Um what else. . .if this is pretty much the finished version (bar textures and bots etc) then i don't think it will play very well. . .the are very few z-axis oppurtunites (cept for outside) basically meaning you run from one room to another. Its all generally flat ground (the roof=flat, everywhere else bar s room=flat) so it could get quite boring. You also get hung up a bit on your architecture, so maybe widen your angled corridors(the ones without textures) and doorways (which lead to the angled corridors heh) to help out a bit in that department.

I'm not sure what else to say (although your moon looks very cool) i may have forgotten something, but i'll check the map again, and see what else is bad i can find ;) but otherwise this map should be a great improvement over your previous one. . .just work on improving this one a little bit more!!!

15th Sep 2003, 07:38 PM
Very good points! I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I've been busy making improvements on the level and I kept what you said in mind. I did look at DavidM's tutorial - very nice.
I have a lot more z-axis going on now too ;) I still have those light textures on the floor in the "s" room, but now they look inset into the floor. I really like the orange on the floor mixed with the lighting of the room. Also I didn't widen the angled corridors, since they are really the only corridors in the map, and the rest of the map is really open. Besides they were meant to be a tight loop around the central room, just for strategic purposes, so that you can sneak in and out through a narrow passage. The lighting and the z-axis were the major changes inspired by your comments. Thanks a bunch :)

I think the level is just about complete except for bot pathing.... I don't know if I want to tackle that right now. I might try to find someone who is really good at it, and let them path it, then study what they have done to apply it to my next level.... hmmm, yeah, that would be good, but I don't know if I can find anyone. Do you?

My next post will be a link to the new beta level... need some opinions on item placement.

15th Sep 2003, 09:53 PM
UM, Cobra is an absolutley fantastic pather, but i think i remember reading somewhere that he isn't pathing as many levels as he used to or something like that. So you'll prolly be lucky if you can get him to do it for you. . .I would do it for you if i was anygood but i am not, so hmmm

Oh well, good luck!!

(and to you and whoever else reads this, be so kind as to go to nalicity and check out my map DM-1on1-Tregeagle. . .it's in the reviews section. . .i would really like to know what people think of it!!! pls pls pls heh)


15th Sep 2003, 11:51 PM
OK - here is the newest version of my Map-In-Progress.

(5.4 MB - Texture Packs Included: TechG4desp, richrig) (http://www.hammertownmusic.com/Shared/DM-SXS_Beta.zip)

(620 KB - No Texture Packs in zip, you must have them already) (http://www.hammertownmusic.com/Shared/DM-SXS_Beta2.zip)

This map needs bot pathing, and a little more items/weapons.
Also some opinions on item/weapon placement would be appreciated.

Any feedback is welcomed,
Thanks for your time. :)

Here are some screenies:

16th Sep 2003, 01:02 AM
Much better!! But i still think it has a few gameplay issues, for instance, in that hexagon room, it's not really possible to just run around, you'd have to jump over each of the holes in the floor, where the ramps are situated that take you up to that area. . .do you know what i mean? or am i completely confusing you. . .im not usre how to explain it :( um, also i still think those tight corridors are gonna be a problem, but then that could just be me. But your lighting is quite good, and i personally don't have any problems with the item placement. Just your architecture needs some work, it's a bit chunky, not very detailed, and it looks odd at times the way it cuts into other things. . .anyway hope you've understood some of the things i said :) I can be quite the inarticulate person

anyway cya