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3rd Sep 2003, 09:11 AM
I have just released my first map :) I have been working on it for ages.
Its a medium sized CTF map made for use by my clan :) altho it did end up getting a bit bigger than I had imagined.

Just uploaded it to NC, if you cant wait for it to appear on the list you can DL it HERE (http://www.killahbeez.co.uk/rza/CTF-36thChamber.zip)

3rd Sep 2003, 10:39 AM
could you please post some screenshots aswell? most people won't check out maps without screenies. also another question, is this for ut1 or ut2k3?

edit: I've got a question, does the map name have something to do with wu-tang's debut album?

4th Sep 2003, 06:27 AM
Well I would post some piccys but I'm not infront of a Comp with UT on sorry :(

Its for UT, its not really the theme of the Wu-Tang, it's just i'm in Wu-tang killah beez ICTF clan :)

KillahBeez (htpp://www.killahbeez.co.uk)

4th Sep 2003, 09:02 AM
well i d/l your map, and must admit it is better than i thought it would be, considering it is called CTF-36thChamber (you should really pick better names for your maps if you want lotsa people to check it out. . .otherwise it just doesn't sound enticing enough ;)) Anyway generally i liked it. . .i didn't mind the layout and at times your lighting was quite good (like in the flag room where the sky casts some cool shadows) but the rest was decidedly lackluster. Your texturing was very plain, there was a lot of base textures used, the rest of your lighting wasn't very convincing (corona radius was too high.) Your 2-d edited hallways look a bit dum with that light texture all the way along the roof, just doesn't look good. . .and the last thing i can be bothered to say was that it doesn't really have a theme, you use a variety of different texture packages, sort of crossing between industrial and ancient/curse sort of textures (i didn't eactly check ;)) But i'm a person who really likes atmosphere in a map, so whatever. Anyway i think you said somewhere that this was your first map, so for a first map is quite good, but i would say you still have a fair way to go in the visuals.

anyway you don't have to listen (i prolly suck as much as you ;))