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26th Aug 2003, 07:38 AM
Here.s one that should hopefully wear the enemy down before they get to your base. This will be from the NEG veiw and is purly speaculation so far, untill i get to play. When we have it so there is no time limit, and resources are able to be gathered, try this. Start by doing what you should do at the start of any startagy game you play, make lots of gatherers. As soon as you have enough matierals make a build 2 or 3 research builidings, so research can get by faster, due to you being able to research multiple things at once. at least 3 troops buildings, you'll need to get lots of troops and postiion them early in the map before the enemy can move. Neg air units if you so desire, in fact, it may be a goiod ideato have at least one so the troops you position have air support. Of course, some defense turrets to protect your base during this. Then once you ahve htis done, keep gathering resources. Start massproducing light gunners. postion about 10 around your base for starting protection. then for the rest, move them out to various points on a path elading to your base. For example: If the map is lsot temple, put troops just before a cornor, so you can surprise the enemy as he turns. pt a good number in each spot so you have a chance to at least: 1. take a few of the enemies troops out, 2: wound some of them 3: have a chance of living and maintaing control of that spot. Also,refering to the cornor start i said before, put them in multiple places in a hallway so they fight every step of the way. now, you should have at least a path or two protected at least from early weak attacks. Start producing medics and station a couple in each group, including in your own base. A few snipers, or alot fo snipers, wouldnt hurt ethier. They would act as an early warning for each group, and help wound or kill the incoming enemies. now, you have th egeneral idea. Add some rocket launchers, some fighters and naything else you want, and keep strenghting each spot through out the map, as well as your own base. so,by the time the enemy attacks, if all is well, you hsould be able to: A: wear down alot his troops so he is weak by the itme he's at your base. and B: kill him before he is at your base. And, when you get tired of defedning, or the enemy is complainiing, pull all your troops to one spot, and you hsould have a sizable army. ?then just advance, kill, rinse and youve won:) Enjoy.

29th Aug 2003, 03:01 PM
Well first off “research” is not going to make it into the UT version of Uskaarj, I am looking to get it into UT2k3 ;)

But otherwise good tactic :D
Now we just have to get the NEG in :)

11th Sep 2003, 10:15 AM
maniac, long time no talk, what is up my man?