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19th Aug 2003, 12:48 PM
If you use milkshape for any ut modelling at all then you have probably noticed that it does not support skeletal animation file creation yet. But if you still want to get your models to UT2k3 skeletal animation format(or UT skel anim for that matter) and have access to 3ds max or know someone who does (yeah i know that kind of sucks), I found that this is an easy way to do it without having to learn max or re-animate models you have already completed. First export your model as a halflife reference smd. Then export it as a halflife smd sequence (this will have all of your animation sequences). Using the importer max script by Chris Cook found here: http://collective.valve-erc.com/index.php?go=util_hl
import your reference smd and then in the same scene, import the animation sequence following the import script's directions. Now without even having to touch the model in max, use the actor x plugin to export the .psk and .psa file (there are several tutorials on using actor x including the one here for AMS: http://www.pseudorandom.co.uk/2001/paradox/ams/sdk/max/
) pay particular attention to the range of keyframesfor each animation sequence since milkshape frame start off at 1 instead of 0.

19th Aug 2003, 01:26 PM
this is a good pathway to know about, meowcat, thanx for the info.

now all that's needed is a list of very friendly Max users willing to do the import/export routine ;-}

btw, do you know of any 'ware that can split a .ukx file into .psk/.psa components?? that would be a HUGE boon!