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18th Aug 2003, 12:05 PM
Hope you guys don't mind me throwing a beta at you - I'm just trying to get a few people to give feedback (outside of Wong's concept of "decency" :D )

I got bored with poking at my other projects and had this one in my head, and I really wanted to play around with pawn movement. Grind takes the premise that there are no weapons, instead everyone is given hoverskates (of a sort) and a modified shield gun.

The hoverskates let you move really, really fast - which is good because the damage you do is directly related to how fast you are going.

1) AutoRelease is on for human players, so you can hold down the fire button and slide right in to do damage

2) The power gauge of the SG tells you how fast/how damaging you currently are.

3) There's double damage powerups all over the place, but they only help if you get stuck trying to kill someone while you are moving slowly. At full speed the SG does something like 300 points of damage.

4) The shield/alt fire is great if you are trying to make an escape

5) Getting behind someone and chasing them until they hit a corner or slowdown for a pickup is probably the easiest way to get a kill

6) Play this with music.

7) Don't play the Bomb Delivery mode. I stuck it in just to test it out and it kinda sucks.

8) Netplay is probably teh suck. I haven't tested it or replicated anything yet.

Enjoy: http://inkless.com/Grind.zip

19th Aug 2003, 10:34 AM
Based on talking to Kangus and a couple others on AIM last night, I've already changed:

1) Additional Double Damages and some random pick ups replaced with "Gears" They look like small metallic DD's and they increase the damage and effective range of your shield gun.

2) Adrenaline replaced with health

Will be changing:

3) Adding "spinout" code to Bots. Problem with Bots is that they cheat, since the SG is an InstantFire/Trace weapon, all they have to do is "look" at you correctly - and with bots they don't even have to be looking at you. The spinout code will randomly randomize their aim at certain speeds.

4) Increasing force/damage of an SG at complete rest

And will be adding:

5) Some other kind of gamemodes that actually work. Probably all based on DM maps.

6) Custom playlist and commands

7) Netcode :D

8) Perhaps a quickie DM map.

9) A new HUD

21st Aug 2003, 10:53 AM
Link updated ( http://inkless.com/Grind.zip ) -

Bot handicapping in place. Base for custom powerups there.

21st Aug 2003, 11:45 AM
for some reason there is no shieldgun when I play. I used the gametype.

21st Aug 2003, 11:46 AM
Are you running any mutators?

22nd Aug 2003, 02:04 AM
Dang it's late.

-Tweaked bot "spinout"
-Added custom gears,kits,tonics (see below)
-Tested netcode
-left server running at: unreal://
-updated HUD
-Tweaked 'bot lockout' - still remains though

forget: http://inkless.com/grind.zip (I changed the case)

Threads at BUF's UT2k3 and INA's Mods forums too.