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15th Aug 2003, 09:58 PM
Hello everyone!
Some of you might know me (though I'm not a regular user on these forums yet, im building up ;)) from the Tactical Ops mapping scene (as a matter of fact, I'm an official TO Forums moderator for the mapping section :)) and I'm posting this today on behalf of the whole Majestic 12 Total Conversion (http://www.majestic12.org) development team for a recruiting purpose. I'm Majestic 12 (http://www.majestic12.org)'s Co-Project Leader, Lead Mapper, do some models (mainly static meshes) and also do some PR work every now and then (someone has to do it ;))

Lets first start with a little description of the product and what we expect the final game to be. Majestic 12 (http://www.majestic12.org) is a realism and "partly" futuristic (set in a very near future) total conversion set in real world locations. The gameplay is team and missions based, and its played in round modes, that means if you get killed, you have to wait for one team to win.

-"Yeah, but NuKeR, what are those missions you talk about?"
I'm pretty sure someone would have asked that question anyways :D. Well the two opposing teams will have a various set of objectives (every maps will have its own objectives, according to the scenario) to accomplish in order to win the rounds. These objectives might include item retrieve and secure (a briefcase, a data disc, etc), infiltrate (reach a certain location alive, preferably undetected), sabotage (destroy or neutralise a key location/object) and more objective types as they are requested by the mappers.

Now a tidbit about the development team.
We use a "democrative" way to decide what features make it or not. That means everyone in the team can vote and express themselves as to why a feature should or shouldnt be in. Also, we mainly use our forums (http://forums.majestic12.org) and mIRC to communicate. Of course different members use other, secondary ways of communication, like emails and instant messager. Though if you're planning to join our team, make sure you dont join just to have your name on the credits, because if a member hasnt posted an update of his work and/or given sign of life either on the forums or in mIRC, he'll be forced to leave the team.

Now to the interesting part (finally!)

Here are the jobs available (in importance order, from "most important" to "not as important but still needed", hehe):

-Level Designers : We have a quite large database of textures and static meshes already. If you can do your own static meshes (using a 3D Modelling program) its better, but if you cant, our modellers might be able to help you when needed
-Animators : We currently have one intermediate animator and one begginer, so we could use one or two intermediate/advanced animator(s) for weapon and player animating.
-Skinners : We have a few weapon models left to be done, as well as most of the player models (only one is skinned, and could use a new skin)
-Modellers : We would use one or two spare modellers who would work on extra content, such as new weapon/player models as well as some complicated static meshes.
-Experienced Programmer : We could use the help of a fourth programmer to help progress faster.

This is it for the jobs we need fullfiled, but take note that if your job is not listed above, we are still taking spare members who are motivated and want to get in a fun and successful project to make the game progress faster!

So if you're interested, make sure you got a piece of your previous/present work and either post it in this thread, or email me at nuker@majestic12.org (with a precise and clear title, like MJ12 Recruitment) with links to the projects (do not attach files to the email please).

If you have questions about the game in general, the mapping department or about the development team, feel free to email me ( nuker@majestic12.org ) or ask in here!

Thanks for reading!

19th Aug 2003, 07:46 AM
You have mail.


A.K.A. Ice-Child

19th Aug 2003, 06:32 PM
Hey there Ice-Child, just to say that NuKeR is moving to his new place so his reply can take up to 3 days (maybe even more) Just to let you know ;)

BTW, what are you applying for ;)

22nd Aug 2003, 05:15 AM
Thats kewl, Im in no big hurry.

A.K.A. Ice-Child