View Full Version : single player idea.

8th Aug 2003, 10:12 AM
Ok,in lost temple how 'bout this.You,the humans, are assigned to clear out the temple and gain control of the new power generator built by the skaarj.(maybe skin it differently so it looks cool and different and give it lots of health) They know you're there,they know your coming,and you'll run into resistence every tunnel,every circle. some will be heavy,some will be weak.(like in circles maybe be alot of puepae or gasbags or skaarj or krall,easily wiped out by tanks maybe..dunno cause i dont know NEG power. Or a titan or 2 with queen backup in the tight tunnels.) Then you finally make it across the map to the skaarj base and find more troops(alot of them) and the generator. destroy the generator and stop the skaarj from being to powerful to stop.