View Full Version : Global Warzone is searching for Level Designers

7th Aug 2003, 04:28 AM
Yes, we need YOU.

If you are talented and want to make maps for a promising UT2003 total conversion you are at the right place.

Global Warzone is something new.

It combines tactics, teamplay, fun, action into one huge modification. And the mapper has almost no limits. Make a jungle map...it is ok, do a arctic map....fine....its the Global Warzone and every place on earth can be a setting for a map.

With three team and a great teamplay we will set a new kind of netplay. The time with 2 teams fighting each other are over.
Additional the mission system of Global Warzone and the possibilities of combinations makes level design more interesting.

Make a combined Bombing & Storm the Fortress map. One designed mission for each teams.

The mod is using phantastic graphical features like Lens flare, dynamic Shadows and many more.
Shadow Tech Demo (http://mirror.centauri-dev.net/movies/shadow2.avi) (DivX 5.0.3 needed)

Gameplay features are also very interesting. Grab an edge and heave yourself up on a higher level, shoot the enemys weapon out of his hand and many many more.

Are you interested?
so mail me (blackhornet@centauri-dev.net) and send a snip of your previous work and we can talk about.
Im looking forward to hear from you.