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31st Jul 2003, 09:38 PM
Ok..arena..what is arena your asking..well..the founders of The Maniacal Ravens(TM) have created a new Gametype for the Game "Uskaarj". It stars the map magmaisles(other maps in progress) and involves you and your enimies building up your forces and heading to the middle of the map at a mark of your chosing..such as the 5 minute mark or the 7 minute mark, in this case it was the 7 minute mark. Once there you battle it out. Tis very fun. pics coming soon.

31st Jul 2003, 09:48 PM
Only pic I took was this one..on the right was me..i had titans gasbags queens skaarj and krall..not sure what made it in the pic tohugh..i nkow a titan and my gasbags did..so did his queens i think


31st Jul 2003, 09:51 PM
Now for my strat..i amde all but pupae and nali. 10 skaarj,10 krall,10 gasbags,3-5 queen and 2 titans. at the 7 minute marked i jut pulled out what ever i had. grouped eahc troop type as one group. and sent them in. once i arrived and the bodies ran into each other all hell broke loose. It was one hell of a battle. One fo the best I'v had. after my troops being killed,and most of his, i went back to my abse to get the last handfull of troops i had. maybe 5 gasbags,2 skaarj and maybe a krall. i sent them out, i ran into a queen and killed it, then 2 titans came and wiped them out. as they approched my base i buil two turrets quickly. wounded one and he sent it away,killed the other. thne time stopper. All in all i loved it.

31st Jul 2003, 09:58 PM
Another GREAT battle
Raven the Almighty Vs. Maniac12ca the Maniac

This battle was of epic proportions, not only because we faught on a massive field, Magma something or other, because we both had a huge army......
Ravens army:
7 Queens
4 Titans
8 Warriors
5 Gasbags

the attack after 13 minutes of buildup time the attack began, i had already been building up my troops in the center of the arena waiting for him. he sent out his all at once.

on the land bridge that connected his side to the center the battle began

my warriors and queens quickly attacked and made mincemeat out of his frontlines. but the warrors got creamed going after his titans.

my queens finally got rid of the rest of his main force with the help of a lingering titan. and sent them onward to his home base.
during my march he sent a few stragglers to attack me my last queen died, and the titan wen on to his base, along with some small reinforcements. they got killed by his turrets but i won anyways...

all in all it was an Excellent game
pics to come soon

this is the final skirmish


4th Aug 2003, 12:42 AM
Nice good to see you guys are getting some games in :)
I restarted the USkaarj server, so it is back up now ;)

5th Aug 2003, 08:02 PM
you know you could participate in this little experiment, IF you ever show up on IRC....... :)

6th Aug 2003, 08:50 AM
i havent played this game yet so please could i sort a game out with somebody please i no ile probably get trounced on

cheers in advance

6th Aug 2003, 08:58 AM
sure, lemie know the time, and i'll be there.

Barn>i think i got my problem all worked out...
but i dunno

6th Aug 2003, 09:03 AM
how about now?

6th Aug 2003, 09:09 AM
that was fast

i'll be waiting

6th Aug 2003, 09:10 AM
gotta warn ya though, i may freeze up

6th Aug 2003, 09:14 AM
whered ya go?

6th Aug 2003, 09:19 AM
i tried to start but i cudnt wot happened?

6th Aug 2003, 09:19 AM
you gotta aim down to see the text on that map.....
click off of the big blue thingy, and then push the down arrow, you should start to see the text up in the corner

6th Aug 2003, 09:21 AM
i didnt see any of that it was all fps view

6th Aug 2003, 09:22 AM

6th Aug 2003, 09:22 AM
help i want to play this mod

6th Aug 2003, 09:22 AM
try it again

6th Aug 2003, 09:23 AM
but this time do what i said above

6th Aug 2003, 09:24 AM

6th Aug 2003, 09:28 AM
dude i dunno what's up you wont reply to me ingame

6th Aug 2003, 09:30 AM
click the tilde key (~) to open up the console, then type "say " then type what you want to say

6th Aug 2003, 09:31 AM
are you closing the Team selection window?

6th Aug 2003, 09:33 AM
i didnt see no txt or anything is there something i havent eg got rid of my other mods cos in the mods section theres no uskaarj

6th Aug 2003, 09:34 AM
i cant see u in game mate

6th Aug 2003, 09:35 AM
ahhh, did you download the mod?

6th Aug 2003, 09:35 AM
or are you just running UT like normal?

6th Aug 2003, 09:36 AM
yeah its in the find multi player games<wheres the mod?>

6th Aug 2003, 09:38 AM
you downloaded the mod....
and you installed it using the .umod file....
am i correct?

if not you need to dl the file from here:

6th Aug 2003, 09:43 AM
how do you try to start Uskaarj?

do you just open UT like you normally do, to play, for example, a CTF game?

if so theres your problem, you have to execute the program a different way.

you have to go to the c:\Unrealtournament\system directory and double click on the Uskaarj.bat file

6th Aug 2003, 10:14 AM
did ya like it?

7th Aug 2003, 01:14 AM
yeah it was ok nothing special but it could get better if the team works hard on it

7th Aug 2003, 07:55 AM
they are working on it.
the other "team" should be done soon