View Full Version : My sincere apology to all whom I played with Last Night.

18th May 2000, 05:52 PM
Well last night group of us including Mortey and I got together and started fragging away happily in November Arena.

the tone was relaxing and fun, by the way I love the shock rifle with the quad amp. YOu can just see the shear terror in the face of all who see the ball coming toward them.

Then the mood of the game changed when the Kabul of most ruthless and violent group of people in known Planet Unreal step into the arena. I mean: Rooster, Dragon Ash and their gang.

The mood change from frag and be polite about it to frag and laugh while watching the ooze coming out of people.

While all this was happening my ping was spiking from 150 something to 500 or 600.

The first Arena is the MC-something well, we were out maned and out gun, I have nothing more the say about that (bending my head in shame).

The next one was Face II, well I still found that level a bit odd and I do go for site seeing way too often! The problem is sight seeing is apparently a crime in CTF, because every time I am walking somewhere they shoot at me.

Then came Lava. Well I stayed on defence for a while, and few of you did meet Mullah shock combo ala cart. The all that excitement made me way to jumpy and I even shock our own flag Carrier- Sorry!

Then Came November again; Now this where things went to hell. We gave our heart out in defence. Even one time when Rooster was running with the flag from Blue Base I shock every body, Two red guys and throw few of the blues in the water! Sorry.

Now that everything is said and done. Can't wait for a rematch. No apologies there!