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29th Jul 2003, 06:56 PM
Hi guys, barnebiss and i just played a match, and he asked me to do a review of the battle, so here goes:

we were playing River Crossing, i started off like i always do by building 3 of the little power plant thingys, then proceded to build each of the other buildings. i had also diring this time started creation of 6 skaarj warriors and 6 gassbags. which i deployed to the center and right river crossing. after they were in their areas i noticed movement on Barn's side, i checked it out and he was doing what he always does, lots of queens and a few titans, to the center crossing. i started creating a few queens myself, and i ended up with 3 queens and 2 titans.
after 15 minutes of building passed he attacked my squad of warriors. annialating them, i sent a few queens and a titan against him, but he wiped them out before i could take out 2 of his queens. i then brought my squad of gasbags around and tried to finnish the job w/them doing a head on, and my queens and titans that i had left doing a sneak attack behind him, he wiped the gasbags off the playing field, and totally ignored my queens and titans, (they were too slow) he then proceded to enter my plateu, and wipe out my base, during that time i had froze up, and had to restart my computer.

if anyone else has a battle story to tell, against Barn or someone else, tell it here. barn said he'd be back later to tell his side of the story, and hopefull then we can learn from the master, his game plan and how we can effectively counter his attack.

until next time.
practice your battles!!!!

29th Jul 2003, 11:30 PM
Ok now my feed back on how the game went, First off

I owned you :D

As Raven said we were playing the River Crossing map, I started of by building 4 power buildings and expanded build space to down of the plateau.

While I was building the power buildings, I had already queued up five Skaarj warriors to be built. By the time I had finished placing the power buildings and expanding my territory, I now had 3 skaarj done. I gave the three skaarj warriors orders to move to the center wooden bridge.
While my skaarj were moving to the Center Bridge, I placed a skaarj mindcontrol building and a skaarj queenhive building; I then queued up four titans, four queens plus three Gasbags.

I then desided to go check out how my skaarj by the center bridge were doing using the “Zoom” key I zoomed to the skaarj by bridge and could see Raven was now getting a large force, and now would be a good time to attack before he got to many big units.

The Attack

At around 8.00 pm fourty-ninth planet of the Nali system time, the Skaarj overlord gave the order to attack and the three newly done queens now moved towards the center bridge followed by a titan.

Once the skaarj queens reached the bridge I waited for the titan to also reach it I then select the skaarj warriors, Queens and Titan and bound them to the 4 Key. I then ordered them all across the bridge and started moving them to within attack range of his one squad of warriors, making sure that none of my units were in the line of another and they had free range to shoot the fight began, as his skaarj charged they were hit by a wall of plasma from my warriors and queens my titan also now arriving now squished the last few remaining enemy :) in all during this first skirmish I had only lost one queen.

Now Raven have his squad decimated this ticked him off big time, he now moved in his
Queens and titan

I moved my units to meet his.

Finale Big Battle
Once my units had reached were I told them to, I moved the most damaged ones to the back and kept the ones with most health in the front. His queen and titan now reached me, all hell broke loose my skaarj warriors now broke rank and leapt with claws out and raked the titan who swatted one smashing him to pulp and his queen finished off the rest.
But my queens who had all focused there attack on the titan who was the most dangerous, and who could have killed my all my queens had he used both his titan and queen to focus first on my most healthy queen then on my two week queens and not on the skaarj warriors. Now with the queen and his titan dead, the road to his base was free and I now moved my queens and titan up. Also I had four skaarj and three queens back at the base I had built, I now moved towards his base also.

As my queens moved toward his base he rushed a few skaarj from his HQ but to no use as they charged they were cut down by my queens. My queen now destroyed his power building and were also attacking his HQ, his computer then froze up and he had to restart I came out the glorious winner :)

On a side note
The reader will have noticed earlier I had said I had built three Gasbags, once these were done and I had moved my queens to the bridge and start organizing for the attack I built five more Gasbags once those were done I moved all of the to a cliff overlooking his base. These gasbags never came into play my first plane was to lure all his units away from his base with a few warriors but once I moved across the bridge and the fighting started and I was winning I decided to continue to keep gasbags out of play until I knew I would need some air units to do a sneak attack on the back of his base.

30th Jul 2003, 08:32 AM
i was looking everywhere for a sneak attack you sneak.... now you tell me it was on the mountains to my right!!!!!!!

and yes:
but play me in starcraft sometime, i'll whip your arse :)

30th Jul 2003, 05:17 PM
Well Maniac12ca, and i had a good match. we tried out a new gametype that we created while on the battlefield: it's called Assult..... sound familliar? exact same gamestyle too, defenders and attackers.

i was the attacker.

after getting my arse throughly whipped by Barn in the above description. i tried some new battle tactics.

these are said tactics:
6 queens up the center bridge
6 titans up the far left bridge
10 gasbags, and 6 warriors up the close right bridge.

no defence, i diddnt need it.

i placed my titans and started their attack firstthey went in and destroyed his defence turrets, but got destroyed themselvs in the process.
the queens i sent through just before the last titan fell. that way he couldent restock his troops. the queens annialated the remaining defence and started attacking the other turrets on the other side of the plateau,

just about this time the server stopped (damn time limit) and from here on is just speculation of what might have happened:

my remaining queens finished tearing up the turrets but were so badly damaged that they fell from the final titan that he had hid. but he diddnt count on me having gasbags, and warriors, they cam up the ramp and the warriors proceded to throughly rip the titan a new one.

my gasbags then cleaned upo the base, with minimal resistance.... like i said this is purely speculation on what had happened, but if you saw my tactics you'd agree w/me on how the ending would turn out.

the very last 5 minutes a new person joined the fray, Killerman.... he and maniac went at it after we got done. i will report on that one in my next post

30th Jul 2003, 05:22 PM
Sounds good:) I did count on an air strike though. so i made 4 gas bags and put 2 on each side of my buildings.4 in total gasbags. 3 turrets at each entrance. 2 titans one at each building. line of skaarj inbetween. the gasbags.and one skaarj between titans and gasbags. they broke line though when he attacked. and left me partially ungaurded.

30th Jul 2003, 05:35 PM
Killerman and Maniac12ca's battle:

i was a spectator, couldent do anything. sucks because i wanted to help killerman learn how to go down the ramps (the bug still isnt fixed)

but he had created about 4 queens, and 3 titans, 5-10 skaarj and 5-10 gasbags. the titans and queens did most of the work, but the others helped since they could move faster.

maniac was ready first, after 7 minutes had passed (his army was small but rather powerful with 2 queens, and 2 titans, plus 10-15 other pawns.

maniac sent his pawns to killer first, the warriors got there first with the queens not far behind, half of them got wiped out from killers defence of his titans and queens, the others caught up after a while and got killed by the killer also (pardon the pun....;) ) this battle while short to type lasted about 4 minutes.

maniac sent his remaining warriors to try and take out some gasbags on the other side of killers base, but he was unaware that killer sent a queen to back them up, they too got killed.

after that maniac said he was defeated and diddnt have any more pawns except for his base, so killer went and killed that too! (pardon the pun again ;) )

all in all maniac lost two massive battles today, so if you see him (or talk to him) give him a pat on the back, and tell him to keep his chin up. UNTIL NEXT TIME.....

30th Jul 2003, 05:37 PM
They were hella fun though:)

30th Jul 2003, 08:58 PM
yep :)

31st Jul 2003, 06:27 AM
Ok..last night my friend and I played agaiabst barn. 2v1.

I dont know what my firned did but i atumaticlly build a power building,mind control building,queens nest and 2 turrets. by this time i had quesed 12 skaarj,12 gas bags,3-4 queens and 3-4 titans. by the time we were at bout 10 min i moved out with all my queens,5-7 skaarj and 5-7 gasbags and 3 titans. the titans got behind due to getting stuck while i was moving the others.gasbags went across the lava into his base while the queens and skaarj moved in destorying the power buildings attempting to shut off power to the turrets. they succeded in destroying the power, but they died and im not sure if the turrets stoped fireing. 2 of ym ttians were on there way slowlo after being stuck and other one was closer. i got him to the way leading to barn's base and saw m friend had a few troops, a queen and some other thigns..not sure what though,i told him to attack and bought my titan for back up.he took loses but we killed one queen befroe time ran out. all in all was fun.

31st Jul 2003, 09:47 PM
Another GREAT battle
Raven the Almighty Vs. Maniac12ca the Maniac

This battle was of epic proportions, not only because we faught on a massive field, Magma something or other, because we both had a huge army......
Ravens army:
7 Queens
4 Titans
8 Warriors
5 Gasbags

the attack after 13 minutes of buildup time the attack began, i had already been building up my troops in the center of the arena waiting for him. he sent out his all at once.

on the land bridge that connected his side to the center the battle began

my warriors and queens quickly attacked and made mincemeat out of his frontlines. but the warrors got creamed going after his titans.

my queens finally got rid of the rest of his main force with the help of a lingering titan. and sent them onward to his home base.
during my march he sent a few stragglers to attack me my last queen died, and the titan wen on to his base, along with some small reinforcements. they got killed by his turrets but i won anyways...

all in all it was an Excellent game
pics to come soon

31st Jul 2003, 09:52 PM

this is the final skirmish
heres a shot of the main battle thanks to maniac