View Full Version : Half Cocked - A cheap AQ2 ripoff for UT2k3

25th Jul 2003, 08:17 AM
Yeah, I think its ready to be played by someone other than me. Tell me if it sucks. If it doesnt, well... thats great, but Id rather know what you think sucks. Sadly, since the attachment size limit is 500k (and the file is an .ace) i cant attach it, so youll have to PM me so i can email it to you (make sure youve got ~810k free in your inbox. 'Upgrade' builds will be smaller since i wont have to include textures or meshes)

Sorry to be so protective about it, but it contains some shady content that id rather not get sued for using...

oh, and the readme is totally unhelpful, and you most likely wont understand it unless youre a coder :p

[edit] whoa, totally forgot to describe it :p

Right now its not much, a few weapons (that youll need to replace the stock ones with) and an annoying bleeding thingy. Players jump a little bit higher, but they have no double jump (action heros dont double jump!) They dodge much further, and with an extra upwards lift. Running into a player when youre jumping/dodging will administer a swift kick to their torso, sending them flying. But, to offset some odd elevator problems, you only kick someone when youre 'falling up' so to speak. Dual pistols (that have given me so much crap, i hate them) are included. Just pick the pistol up twice and viola... two fisted mayhem of a magnum kind. A shotgun with Half-Life styled secondary is included, as well as a (totally cheap) hand cannon wannabe and a really generic SMG actalike. Bleeding and bandaging is handled pretty well. You get shot, you bleed a whole bunch. You hit the bandage key and ... well, you stop bleeding after a few seconds. Oh yeah! reloading weapons is included as well. Thats always a hoot.
what else?
Youll need WoRM... totally. Sorta ruins the whole thing with the shieldbelt (especially since bleeding bypasses it, so you just get this really irritating yellow flash every time you take bloodloss damage) so make sure to switch out ALL of the pickups with nothing. (that will be fixed eventually, but for now its a low priority because WoRM takes care of it so well)

I know im missing something, but no doubt, itll come up eventually.

26th Jul 2003, 06:04 PM
gotta love AQ, i hope the action team does one for HL2

27th Jul 2003, 06:31 AM
AQ == Action Quak, right? Movie style stuff? Sounds god email me. superfly@popstar.com

27th Jul 2003, 09:32 PM
K, youll have to wait for a while cause im trying to fix up the weapons (right now their spread is kinda nuts. 4 shots and theyre shooting almost backwards :x)

2nd Jul 2004, 10:27 AM
I want to play this !


replace the ut2004 weapons with the HC weapons and release it already ! :shock: