View Full Version : TTR on UT200x: Now Recruiting Talent

23rd Jul 2003, 06:56 PM

The TTR team is proud to announce development of a version of TTR for a next generation unreal engine is under way. Its going to be bigger, badder and better.

In the coming month we are going to update the site with lots and lots of information about what this next project means for all you players out there.

We'll need some more people in order to do this right. Basically we are going to need more people in all of our departments.

-static meshes
-level design

People willing to apply can mail to Stryker@thethirdreich.com. Previous mod experience isn't required but you must bring forwards a portfolio of some kind so we can review your capabilities.



Also any UT talent is welcome to apply as we have an interest in maintaing the version we currently have on UT.