View Full Version : So what games actually use the Unreal Engine?

25th Mar 2000, 07:57 PM
Other than Unreal, UT and Wheel of Time.... are there any others???

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25th Mar 2000, 11:58 PM
Deus-Ex and Duke Nukem Forever use the Unreal Engine. They are still in development, but they do use it.


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26th Mar 2000, 02:52 AM
Don't forget Rune, Unreal 2, all those Virtual Reality things companies are doing...


26th Mar 2000, 04:38 PM
Is Dues-Ex a FPS game? Is it any good?
Only I've never heard of it until now

Wolf Blackstar
29th Mar 2000, 01:29 AM
It's a futuristic RPG with FPS elements in it.

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29th Mar 2000, 01:34 PM
Dark Sector will use the Unreal engine. Take a look at www.darksectorcenter.com (http://www.darksectorcenter.com) if you want to know more about this terrefic game.

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1st Apr 2000, 01:52 AM
Star Trek DS9: The Fallen is also powered by Unreal. This game is shaping up into something rather cool, and will become another 3rd person game using Unreal's technology. You can play the game as Worf, Sisko or Kira (the in-game model actually has a nice a$$, IMO).

There is also a game called New Legends in development by The Infinite Machine, which is based in China. Some of the people at The Infinite Machine were responsible for the great levels etc. in Jedi Knight, so it should be very good.

I'm sure there are other titles in development, but I can't think of them right now. Also, don't forget that Epic are working on a new game with their next-gen engine, which will apparently have rolling terrain, lots of trees, curves, seemless transitions between inside/outside and who knows what else? They said they were aiming to beat the environments in Halo... =)

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3rd Apr 2000, 12:06 PM
Bus Driver 3000. It's being made by Ion Storm, so it'll probably never come out. I managed to infiltrate their HQ u see. Turns out Daikatana won't be out until the year 2037. As for the bus driver game, you will have to, funnily enough, drive everyday people to various locations by bus. Some of the more exciting scenes include dropping the passengers money and bumping your head on the bus ceiling as u swap places with another driver at the end of your shift. Watch out for it!

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Wolf Blackstar
6th Apr 2000, 01:29 AM
I believe there's supposed to be a new X-COM game, squad-based, built on the Unreal engine. Don't have that much info on it though.

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6th Apr 2000, 09:36 AM
Klingon Honor Guard
Nerf Arena Blast
dr.Brain(or something)
Wheel Of Time
Unreal Tournament
Deus Ex
X-Com alliane
Duke Nukem forever
Hired Guns
Dark Sector
Werewolf: The Apocalypse


Wolf Blackstar
6th Apr 2000, 11:53 AM
Heh heh heh.... Daikatana2... /~unreal/ubb/html/biggrin.gif

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7th Apr 2000, 10:54 PM
like anyone here would be alive to see Daikatana 2

8th Apr 2000, 12:11 AM
Errrrrrr, what do you mean 2037???
Are you serious or just on the wind up?

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3rd May 2000, 02:16 PM
- Extreme Wing Chun VR / Zen Tao is under development at the moment. It uses the Unreal Engine to teach wing chun, a form of kung fu. Features beautiful "stages" (like a dojo, for example) where the 3D instruction is carried out. Very cool! Zen tao still haven't cranked up their website - :-(.
- A sci-fi game "Second Genesis" is being developed by Gold Creek Technology.
- A skate boarding TC (USK8) is happening.
- Armageddon 2000 by Atomic Pop is a future shoot 'em up.

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7th May 2000, 01:53 AM
hahha daikatana2... maybe my grandchildren(if i ever have any)

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