View Full Version : Jailbreak Custom Map Pack 3 Released

19th Jul 2003, 09:40 PM
Despite Unreal Tournament's age, Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament is still very popular and Team Jailbreak have decided to finish up the third map pack. Below is a description and then a link to one of BeyondUnreal's fast and free mirrors.

The pack includes 12 maps of all kind,
some brand-new and unique, others 'old' but enhanced and some
conversions. Prepare to get fragged in a mysterious Skaarj outpost,
avoid the thunderstorms on Jupiter, travel back in time to the 'Dark
Age' or investigate a doomed storage facility.

http://www.planetjailbreak.com/dl.php/jailbreak/jailbreakmappack-custom3-zip.zip (18 MB)
http://www.planetjailbreak.com/dl.php/jailbreak/jailbreakmappack-custom3-umod.zip (18 MB)
(Epic Bonus Packs 3 and 4 required for the map pack).

20th Jul 2003, 06:29 AM
Nice. Thanks for posting the news. :)

Could you please add a link to PlanetJailbreak (http://www.planetjailbreak.com) though? Some people might want to have a look at the screenshots (http://www.planetjailbreak.com/download/maps/mappack-custom-3.html) (linked from there).

20th Jul 2003, 09:19 PM
My first news post in a week due to an unusable hotel internet connection and I forget the site link.

balls. :D