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1st Dec 1999, 01:34 AM
Hey all. I was wondering if anybody has UT running in win2k using d3d using a TNT2 ultra card. I thought win2k had directX 7 but apparently not. I tried to install DX off the CD but it doesn't work. I also have a SLI but it crashes randomly in win2k. Any idea if there are some win2k compatible V2 drivers? Booting back into win98 just to play UT sucks. BTW dual 550's scream in win2k and it doesn't crash *that* much /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif.


21st Jan 2000, 10:02 PM
I can't get it going either... not quite.
I have an elsa tnt2 card and win2k rc2. Damn thing runs UT, but it's so slow and looks terrible. It's like it's running in software rendering mode, but i checked and it is in d3d support mode. I tried opengl mode but that got really slow even in the menus. And it won't go fullscreen. What the heck is going on... I have the newest drivers for my vid card (detonator 3.68) ...

21st Jan 2000, 10:44 PM
I've got full version WIN2K PRO with the cd key and all and I have no problems running UT on either my TNT 16MB or ATI RAGE 128 using direct 3d.

WIN2K does come with DIRECTX7. I don't know why everyone keeps saying that it doesn't.

It runs UT great with no problems.

For those of you who have WIN2K RC3 (build 2195) the only diffence between it and full verion is that full version has the cd key and you don't have the expiration date.

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22nd Jan 2000, 12:50 AM
E-mail me for special win2k drivers to play d3d games with tnt, tnt2 and geforce cards.

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22nd Jan 2000, 01:34 AM
Hay CYBER PETE maybe you could post DirectX for download

22nd Jan 2000, 11:20 AM
Viper was that a joke? LOL!

I just got done saying that win2k comes with directx7!

Also any one who has UT it's right on the cd! When you go to install UT there is a check mark to INSTALL DIRECTX. That's DIRECTX7!!