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Aridale N. Belmont
3rd May 2000, 10:53 PM
...an unreal engine port of Dagger Fall?


Wolf Blackstar
3rd May 2000, 11:49 PM
Though not an RPG fan, I'm always interested in seeing what the Unreal/UT editing community is capable of.

Would this be strictly a remake of the RPG, or would we be seeing some new features? SP-only, or massively multiplayer?

Also, you'd have to switch from sprites to 3D models, but I think the Unreal monster models can be re-skinned quite nicely. That is, unless you already have a modeller on your hands. :)

BTW, I know that game used the Xngine, which was also featured in Terminator:Future Shock and SkyNET, two of my favorite games.

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Aridale N. Belmont
4th May 2000, 04:27 AM
Yuup it was Xgine. And yes it would be just as much like the RPG as it could possibly get without being able to get access to the actual coding of Dagger Fall and I agree the reskinning idea. Some of the stuff from WoT would work really well as well. Yes itd have to be mdls writing a sprite based code for it would be entirely more trouble than its worth. And YES of COURSE it'd be massive MP. Thatd really be the whole point. Maybe MP only with no real SP version till it gets some responce and popularity. Then ppl could mod in they're fav mission from the game and release it for SP play. The hardest part as I can see is making your own custom class like in the game and working it all out.


4th May 2000, 04:55 PM
I was kinda wondering..if you use Unreal Engine..and let's say you use the behindview command...and while you are changing clothes you will be nude rite? :)

hahaha...what a laugh when ppl will start taking screenshots...

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7th May 2000, 01:50 AM
get your mind out of the gutter....

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