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17th Jul 2003, 12:32 AM
Here some info about the mod:









The maps will be realalistic settings, such as cities or neighborhoods. The scale of the maps will be giant in order to prolong gameplay. In these maps you will find places to camp or to break into and claim.

Teams: (UNIQUE)

The teams will be created in-game by players currently playing. You will be able to recruit / be recruited. There is no *real* set objective, you can arrange attacks on your enemies(killing an enemy earns you money), or defend the territory(defending territory earns money), or even remain underground only to come out and assassinate specific members of enemy teams(killing an enemy teams leader gives you assassination credit, more money).


Stores are no-kill zones. You will zone into a shop by going through one of the doorways of the specified building. To buy cars, you will need to find a dealership, to buy weapons and armour, a weapon store, etc... Your money will be time and kill based. Per second you gain 1 credit, per kill you gain 500 credits. Dieing will make your credits drop 20%.


Money us gained by the following:
- Killing an enemy player ($500 earned)
- Killing an enemy team leader ($800 earned)
- Holding a capture point ($100 earned per 5 seconds)
- Players earn $1 each second in-game
- Blowing up cars ($200 earned)
*** Later Version***
- Planting the bomb and a successful explosion at specified locations ($2000)
- Forming Alliances ($50 earned per 5 seconds)
- Declaring Conflicton ($100 earned per 5 seconds) (Both conflictors earn money)


The mod will be fairly realalistic, damage is moderatly realalistic, player speed and jumping is realalistic, and weapons are realalistic(will include reloading, and a new recoil and aim system). A night and day system will be added, light switches, and on a later version random weather (rain / fog / thunderstorm / etc).

This is a complete document on the mod:

What I am doing:
I am currently coding the parent class for the weapons. Making 2d Art. Drawing and Writing Concept. And Designing the Web Site. www.PlanetDeusEx.com/Invisible

My current team:
XaosII - Uber lead Texture Artist
Dr. Ronbo - Lead Mapper
Exoduskin - Mapper

What NEEDS to be done:
GUI Stuff (Buy Menu and Militia Joining GUI)

Modelers / Animators / Texture Artists
GUI / Gametype Coder

Web Site
Im trying to get switched over to PlanetUnreal.

The domain I bought, hoping for more traffic.

Reign of Militias Information

Reign of Militias Screenshots

Mod Forum / Chat

Thanks for your time!
Feel Free to contact me at:
EMAIL: Dark@InvisibleOnline.net
ICQ: 96970935

19th Jul 2003, 01:35 AM
RPG grouping system, Realistic FPS, moderatly sci-fi. Set in the time in Deus Ex with all of the riots and martial law.. You gather up a group of people online, by inviting them to join you in your militia, then u try to capture locations in the map, with other militias. You can name your militia and so with existing clans will be a large deal.


19th Jul 2003, 03:14 AM
its realistic, not realalistic :p

21st Jul 2003, 10:35 AM
my english isn't good..

Its unfortunite I can not find anyone to join. :(

22nd Jul 2003, 05:07 PM
I think your concept is weak imo, its nothing new, been there done that kinda thing. From what you provided at least.
I'm not bashing your original basic foundation (militias vs militias), its a twist to the terrorism vs tacops theme, but the way you conceived it isn't really original.

Try to capture a few more unique features.

The gripes i have with it, the money system is unrealistic. The weapons, most of em don't really look like they would fit in a date set 20 years from now. (for an example of war industry i redirect you to the 20th century world wars, in nearly the same amount of time human mankind has developped the nuclear bomb, radar systems, advanced weaponry, etc etc) On that same point, the levels screenshots look like set in the current time.

23rd Jul 2003, 01:01 AM
wtf, did you read it? There is multiple militias.. Providing you can have multiple team vs team...

Like say you joined a server, you enter as a solo. You can recruit some folks to join your "Evil Doom" militia (you can name them, comes above your head when in close or is always there if your allied).

Or, you can just join one of the existing militias. Say you join "Rat Brains". They happen to be allied with "Deaf Ninjas" So you can work with them to kill off the other factions..

This has nothing to do with a basic counter-terrorist mod..

The weaponry? Why the hell wouldn't citizens have bullet firing weaponry.. Are you convinced that if a new gun comes out everyone on the block is going to buy it? No...
* I'm assuming you were speaking of having laser rifles or plasma guns.

The money system is in pre-pre-alpha stage, was a basic layout of how it will work.. It will be 200% unimportant when the beta is released.

However, thanks for the critique :)

23rd Jul 2003, 01:02 AM
I forgot to mention...

You don't jsut join, you need to be recruited.. This can be done from a menu.. Then you will get a message.