View Full Version : UT2004 Article Scan

16th Jul 2003, 06:59 AM
ShadowDrone from the Atari Forums has posted scans of a UT2004 article from a dutch gaming magazine (source: Hans Von der Crone). The scans contain a few new shots from the game; one of a new Bombing Run map with a waterfall in the background, as well as a few of the new Skaarj model.

The scans can be found about halfway down this page.

Update: Some more scans can be found over here. These four scans contain some amazing shots of some of UT2004's maps, as well as a kick-ass new robot model.

Update: A translation of the article by hans_vdc reveals that UT2004 will include not only spider mines and sticky mines, but also a special rocket launcher for taking out vehicles, and also the traditional sniper rifle makes a return by popular demand!