View Full Version : UGO Interviews CliffyB

16th Jul 2003, 06:55 AM
UGO.com have posted an interview with Epic's CliffyB, asking him questions about the upcoming UT2004.

UGO: Onslaught is quite a departure from the other UT game modes. How did the idea come about?

CB: Onslaught is a total no-brainer. While some may view vehicles as a fad, I think they're a great feature that really adds an extra layer to any shooter. Any time you allow your gamers another choice about what to do in your game dynamic, it is almost certainly a good thing. Done well, you can add many layers of depth to your gaming experience.

UGO: Which is your favorite new weapon?

CB: I like the Parasite Mines. I throw them out into the foliage and wait for some unsuspecting fool to drive by as my little buddies run after him and proceed to sacrifice themselves for the cause. I maniacally scream "Run, my children! Blow yourselves up for daddy!"

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