View Full Version : Phase 1 Closes Today!

16th Jul 2003, 06:31 AM
The first phase of the Make Something Unreal contest closes today, after over a week of many quality mod releases -- from FaceOff to Jungle Warfare to Troopers to Deathball and Chaos UT. If you still haven't submitted your map, mod or tool then head over there right now and get your foot in the door before it closes.

The next phase of the contest, the aptly-named phase two, runs until October 20th 2003. We'll nodoubt see refined versions of mods that we've already seen, as well as entries from teams that couldn't quite make the phase one deadline (a few notable absences this time around were Atlantis and Jailbreak 2003), and of course several completely new projects!

If you're a little overwhelmed by all these mods, then never fear -- we'll have a page up soon detailing all the new mods that have appeared over the past couple of weeks, complete with fast BU download links!

16th Jul 2003, 10:23 AM
Is there a list of current entries on the MSU site anywhere, I can't seem to find it if there is. (I know there used to be one for the UT contest).

24th Jul 2003, 08:30 PM
there really needs to be a list of entries and a confirmation of entry for the next phases...