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15th Jul 2003, 09:20 PM
[ Transcript of review for Pathnoder (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=163) | Posted by X22887 on 2003-07-15 | Score: 9 ]
In the world of unreal every path, whether it be to victory or to defeat, is paved in path nodes.

Here's the deal if you don't make maps you've already read too much, so just hit the back button. Now for the mappers among us this utility definitely delivers. It's really easy to use all you have to do is open up UT2003 and open you map only using the pathnoder mutator. That's right this handy utility is also a mutator which makes it hard to classify, but the author called it a utility so whatever. When you get your map open, without bot obviously, just run around placing your little path nodes where needed. Once you're done exit UT2003 promptly and done run any other maps before you do. The go to c:/ut2003/system and find pathnoder.exe. Run that and make a .t3d, which you then import into your map. Pathnoder reads you log files so that's why you can only do one map at a time.

Pathnoder has it's ups and downs just like any other utility/mutator thingy. It's a great mapping tool, so good in fact I'm going to start using it. If you place a node and decide you don't like it just whip out the rocket launcher and blast it. The shock rifle's secondary fire also works quite nicely to dispatch the askew node. The pathnoder mutator even show pre existing path nodes. Sadly you can't place jump spots, lift centers, and other more complex nodes. Then there is the little matter of a rebuild bug in UED so after you import the .t3d into your map you have to save and exit before rebuilding anything.

All in all pathnoder is a must have for every mapper whether you have three ownage awards or you're just a struggling up and coming mapper that just got smacked down at In Site and Nail City.