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14th Jul 2003, 03:24 AM
I will first apologize for this post being the main reason for me registering for the forums. I have read many threads, and the wiki has been invaluable to me. I should thank you guys for creating such a great resource. Registering for a forum finally for the reason of recruiting for a mod is almost disrespectful to the help I have already gained from the documentation. I do, however, have to do it.

This is essentially an updated crosspost from an older thread on the atari forums. If you have seen it already, I'm sorry to borrow your attention twice.

First. Who I am.

I am Rick “Echidna” Gilliland (A few people may know me as "Rampart"). For years I have played games, and have pursued putting concepts into reality. I have spent the past few years enhancing my art skill, interfacing with actual game developers, and analyzing the dynamics of war, sports, and games. I am most definitely on the art side of things – modelling and skinning in particular. However that does not mean that I am oblivious to all other aspects. I will acknowledge that I am not immediately familiar with the Unreal Engine, but I consider my best trait to be that I have the drive and ability to learn quickly. (Oh I can so see that getting used as a witticism in a constructive criticism response to this post.) I am currently attempting to teach myself at least minor amounts of java and unrealscript as well as familiarizing myself with UT2K3 porting so that I am not simply "a guy who does art." (Although I make no claims to be proficient at either Java or Uscript. "Hello World!")

I am not looking to tickle a fancy with this mod, nor am I trying to make myself look good, or anything even remotely similar. I am looking to create a mod. The urge to do so has been gnawing at me ever since I found out it was possible. I acknowledge that quality comes with production, so I do not make any false statements like that this will be the “bestest quality mod ever.” I do, however, want to assemble a team that will create a mod of high enough quality that they will be proud to have made it. I acknowledge that the ideas described in this mod are not groundbreaking, I don't believe that that is the point. I do, however, believe that the ideas presented will work, and that it should be enjoyable to work on and play when completed. I am not asking you to "make my mod." I am proposing a mod, because I want the opportunity to work with you on it.

I am Rick “Echidna” Gilliland. My e-mail is smartguy@far-out-dude.com, and I hope that we see each other in production.

Then, What Arcane Mnemonics is.
(Forgive me if these didn't port correctly. I use StarOffice currently, and I tried to save them in more mainstream formats.)

Design Document (5 page overview pdf):

Project Task List (xls):

Asset Inventory (xls):

Design Datachart (xls):

There is no website currently, but our dev platform is currently:

We currently have a team of four people, production has just started. The temporary art is under production, coding core dynamics has started, and the first map is currently being blocked out. There's a long road ahead, and we hope that you would like to walk it with us.

Finally, What Arcane Mnemonics needs.

First, there is no artificial hierarchy with "junior mapper" or "art lead" slots to be filled or the like. The team simply needs to create its own structure that works. I do, however, believe in the three department system, because it keeps people who work on the same projects tightly together, and allows for cleaner interfacing between the overall team. Ideally, each department would work out it's own organization, so it works most effectively. It is in this spirit that I say, that Arcane Mnemonics is seeking people to staff the Art, Mapping, and Programming departments of its development. I believe a project needs direction and drive to bring the three departments together on the same page, and to create a completed project. That is my primary role; although I will be contributing significantly to the art team.

Thank you for reading my post, and I wish you a good day. Happy fragging, and I hope that one day we will be fragging in Arcane Mnemonics.

-Rick "Echidna" Gilliland

PS: If this proposal falls noticeably short in a particular area, please alert me to it. I will do my best to rectify the problem, or contact someone who can, so I can come back at a later date, with a more complete and more effective proposal.

14th Jul 2003, 08:43 AM
Lots of nice information here, but use a universal database format instead of XLS. DIF (Data Interchange Format) seems to work in both excel and Star/OpenOffice
Or, port them off to HTML, thats always nice.