View Full Version : Tribes: Vengeance Music Contest

13th Jul 2003, 02:09 AM
TribalWar.com is hosting a contest for Tribes: Vengeance, an upcoming Unreal Engine game. Winners get lots of p1mpage and credit in the game manual. You have until July 18th to submit your tunes. Here are the details: To enter, you must submit an mp3 audio file of your original composition. Include any pertinent information about the music, as well as your contact information. You must own all rights to any music you submit, and sign a legal form to that effect. High energy tracks are always good for short videos, but your tracks can also be serious, funny, in any music style or arrangement, or anything else you think fits well with a Tribes highlight reel. 30-45 seconds is the optimal length however longer tracks will not be judged unfairly.