View Full Version : Lineage II Interview

12th Jul 2003, 06:34 AM
GameSpot have interviewed Lineage II's lead designer, Raoul Kim. The interview focusses mainly on the game's gameplay, as well as why the team decided to use Unreal technology in their game.

GameSpot: One of the most significant and obvious differences between Lineage II and the original game is the graphics engine. Could you explain why you chose to use Unreal technology for the sequel, rather than a different graphics engine?

Raoul Kim:When we started our development work, we looked primarily at three engines to use for Lineage II: the Unreal engine, the Quake engine, and the Lithtech engine. Among them, the Unreal engine was the most attractive to us because of its powerful editing features and its outdoor-rendering ability. They were all good products, but in the end we decided to use the Unreal engine because of its overall outstanding performance.