View Full Version : Zombie Hunter TC

9th Jul 2003, 06:47 AM
Zombie Hunter is a new total conversion for UT2K3. In ZH, two teams fight in levels infested by brainless, hungry zombies, who have been created by a virus. One team works for the government, trying to cover up the fact that they engineered the virus in the first place. The second team is made up of survivors, who desperately try to get the truth out.

Game modes will include:

TeamDM - your standard fare
Escape - survivors must exit the level at a specified point
Zombie Hunting - survivors must guard an area from invading zombies
Radio - survivors must send a radio message while their opponents try to plant a bomb on the radio antenna

The ZH guys are looking for some people to complete their team : a skinner, a mapper, a modeller and a 2d artist. Contact Komrod if you want to join up.