View Full Version : The Third Reich: Day Two

8th Jul 2003, 07:02 PM
Continuing the campaign, TTR pushes on to day two:
Tuesday's update, ligned is one of the most important aspect of TTR, the
player models
All the details we got on these are posted today, along with the neccesairy
renders and screenshots.

Now as you all know there are still quite a few 56k users out there, this
doesn’t necessary mean a problem in game, however acquiring TTR with a 56k
modem is not that simple.
Our community has figured out a solution for that problem: we are very
pleased to be able to offer 50 UK people a TTR version 1.2 CD. This offer is
only for UK people who have dialup connections only, there are no shipping
costs either. What you need to do is send us an e-mail at
Stryker@thethirdreich.com with your real name, nick and address and we’ll
put you on the list