View Full Version : Path To Victory Update

8th Jul 2003, 06:54 PM
Path To Victory seems to be coming along well. Speculator sent in the following update:

We have just distributed Internal Alpha 2.0 to our testers and team,
which is now undergoing a "bug hunt". We've had many new features
implemented including: Smoke Grenades, Artillary and Air Support, Iron
Sight, aiming system, new models, new maps, and various bug fixes. We're
still undergoing heavy graphical and coding updates and developments though,
so we're getting quite alot of work done. We are still in need of talented
individuals who are in the field of: Weapon Skinners, Player Skinners, Modelers, Animators, Mappers, Coders.

Oh, and we may be recruiting some new beta testers, so stay tuned as we