View Full Version : MonkeyMatrix v1.2b Released

8th Jul 2003, 06:50 PM
The latest version of Monkey Matrix is out. You can dowload version 1.2b here(288kb). The new stuff:

MatrixMoves only in Bullet Time. This only allows people to wallrun, roll etc. when in bullet time. This defaults to on, but can be turned off from the mutators configuration menu.
Button press Bullet Time activation (bound from the UT2003 control settings menu).
Slow-motion sounds when in bullet time.
Smooth time changes.
Tweakable adrenaline regen rates etc.
Enable/Disable UT2003 combos.
'The One' Gametype has been removed, because people where complaining it was too unbalanced.
Enougth customizable controls to keep you busy for weeks.
Instagib, Zoom instagib, bullet weapons only, arena and remove super weapons selectable from the mutators configuration menu.

The Twiggman
9th Jul 2003, 12:32 AM
Damn that mod is packin. Hehe I never knew about the wall run and the mid air flips. Sweet stuff. Got a nice screenshot of myself from 3rd person walking on the ceiling of morpheus 2k3. Runnin and gunnin. Sweet stuff!

It's even more mint if your playing with UT2003RPG cuz when your at level 1200 your guns shoot like a psycho and it looks really cool in matrix mode. Makes you feel like neo. Hehe. Should be using that smith model, jeeze.