View Full Version : Mayday needs a WEBMASTER/PR Guy

7th Jul 2003, 02:11 AM
Yes, one of the least asked things, is what we need. Mayday is for Unreal Tournament (1 not 2003), and well, I am busy writing the code and skinning the weapons, and don't have time to make a decent website. The website's current state is...blergh. Have a look if you need be: http://mayday.strategy-x.com/
The only thing I ask of the webmaster, is too do PR work for the mod, and code the site in PHP too allow quick adding of media, news, downloads, team members etc. Here's the basis of the story line:
Mayday is a futuristic war sim set in the year 2438. After many troubles and problems, war has broken out on earth again. Several years into the war however, earth was placed under threat as an alien civilisation started to attack earth. The many nations on earth joined up to be rid of the alien menace and the war still continues. In Mayday, you will help fight the war by either protecting your homeland earth, as one of the many soldiers fighting or try and take over earth as the alien menace. Mayday will feature new classes, weapons and game types for Unreal Tournament.Also, when the website is designed, Strategy-X has the following guidelines:
Must show nav-bar and STX button must be everypage on the site, info how to do that is here: http://www.strategy-x.com/misc.php
STX only allows the use of the sites forums, but thats still Ok, since it runs off vBulletin.
Thats about it, Strategy-X doesn't require ads to put on the site.
If your interested, or have any questions, e-mail me at shortcutman@shortcutman.net