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6th Jul 2003, 02:45 PM
So it was saturday night, pretty boring as the day went by. Buddy picks me up to goto a party....stopping for some Captin Morgans along the way. At the party have a few drinks, all is well until about 11pm when two really big guys come to the place after being kicked out of a bar. Now, I've done nothing but sit outside and talk about going to college when a massive 6'5 280lbs guy comes outside yelling about a missing beer. Well he was drunk and me being with my blue hair what's the first thing he does? Accuse me.... Well I'm drunk, I know I can't fight so I just keep quiet and let him vent. Finally after no one fesses up to stealing his beer I give him the last bit of my captin morgans. Problem solved....for now. After he goes back inside his twin (Yes twin) comes by and explains that his brother is drunk and not to worry anymore. (I'm 6'2 and 160lbs.....yeah I'm just peachy!) So around 3am when I'm ready to crash I go upstairs and meet my friends that are talking. Guess what? He's baaaaaack. This time he's after my buddy because my buddy is dating his best friend's little sister. Oh boy does he get violent.... So here I am drunk...angry cause I've had enough of yelling for the night, and very very very tired. While my buddies are holding a door closed I walk up push them aside. (I'm a peaceful man at heart really I am) So it's me vs. a giant...first thing introduce myself for a second time...he calls me blue hair.....whatever I'm use to it. I explain that my buddy is a good man and they were going to sleep in seperate rooms. He calms down.....slightly. He wants to speak to my buddy....no problem... I open the door lsightly and they start talking...so much for calming down he's worked right back up and with 4 people holding back I have to find a way to get my buddy out of the house. Slam the door and calm my buddy down. Thank god at this point we had my other buddy mike who was sober there and had a car. So we tell mike to go outside and start the car. He does....now here is where things get interesting...I'm a peaceful person by nature.....

The plan was that I was gonna check the house to make sure it was clear....it was... so I call my buddy down and he jets for the car....the WRONG way...(Stupid drunk people) So needless to say he is spotted by the rather large drunk man. O.k. it's either we take my buddy to the hospital in a body cast or I do something fast. (What I wouldn't give for a shock rifle) but insted...."Here I come to save the day!" (Big mistake.) I bound across the living room, out the door, across the deck and leap at this guy...now I'm a rugby player so tackling is a strong point...I'm lucky I take him down and hold him for a bit.....a BIT he gets me off him, 3 punches...a brusied rib...and a head ache that will last for a long time...

Nobility....Brave....Drunken Man strength.... My advice to anyone commin into thier 16-19 year old stage.... you AREN'T superman cause you've been drinking.... don't drink too much....and never get on the wrong side of a large drunken man.

What did I learn? I'm not a UT character when I'm drunk.....I don't get tossed around then regenerate in some other place.

Thanks for your time.

The Battered VX000.

6th Jul 2003, 05:51 PM
If it makes you feel better VX... when i get really REALLY angry, I tend to start thinking I'm the "Postal Dude" from Postal2.
The unfortunate thing is;

People believe it...


6th Jul 2003, 07:18 PM
Yea, been there done that to many times. I even once tried to break up a Bar Brawl. I go thrown aside like a rag doll, luckily none of my close friends was in the fight. More like a Army vs Marine kinda of thing. I was close friends with the owner and we all hung out there. This bar was right across from Ft. Meade and paydays was hell. Luckily the MP's showed up and broke it up before my favorite Pinball game was broken. LOL You know Drunk folks think they can whoop everyone. Its best to walk away and let them rant. Good Advice VX...