View Full Version : New Screen In Jailbreak2003

4th Jul 2003, 02:57 AM
I always thought that this was one of the coolest user-created additions to Unreal Tournament. Developed for use with Jailbreak, Screen made it possible to do any number of things with scripted textures including IRC chat, viewing websites, level maps, and more.

Screen creator, Mychaeel, is going to be bringing Screen into UT2003 by way of Jailbreak 2003. One of the neat new features being tested right now is a 3-dimensional display map within the level. For a screenshot and more info, head on over to Jailbreak 2003.

The Twiggman
4th Jul 2003, 11:09 AM
Sweet man, you just can't get another screen like that one. Going to 3D now too eh. Thats pretty mental. Like a hologram style, that would be mint, just floating there like a sprite. Thumbs up man, your setting some new standards. :tup: