View Full Version : Maximum Velocity Paintball Design Contest

4th Jul 2003, 02:43 AM
Fire up Photoshop and/or Dreamweaver and give the guys at Maximum Velocity Paintball a new look. The Logo deadline is July 17th, 2003 and the Website Deadline is July 24th, 2003. Designs can be submited at the MVP forums.

Maximum Velocity Paintball is looking for a new logo & website design for there "new look" instead of a dark approach we are looking for more reds, whites, lightgreys. We are having a little contest design a website, and or logo and submit it to cj@intimidatorownersgroup.com and in our forums and we will decide on top 3 sites & logos and then the team will go from there. The winners will get to beta test mvpb with the team when the time comes! Real soon. So good luck to all and hope to see some good designs soon.