View Full Version : I scared my uncle...

3rd Jul 2003, 05:44 PM
Well, my uncle and I have plaed UT together twice before and I beat him both times. He could still compete, but I won.

Now, 5 minutes ago, I played him in UT2003 on Antalus.
I creamed him. 22-1 when he quit.
He killed me the one time because I was trying to combo him.

I guess that shows me howbig movement in this game is compared to the original.
If he stopped, he fell.
Once, he got nearthe shock area and waited to ambush me.
I elevator jumped OVER the rock and landed in front of him.
I heard his weapon fire, and promptly nailed him in the back with some flak.
I never knew that there was such a difference in play-styles.