View Full Version : Lineage 2 Preview

3rd Jul 2003, 12:27 PM
RPGRadar has a short preview of the upcoming MMORPG Unreal Engine game, Lineage 2. Shaping your own destiny, as in real life is quite an appealing taste more and more gamers are coming to appreciate every day. For all of you who crave a solid, concrete plot, fear not. Quests and cut scenes allow the gamer to become enveloped in a deep plot that is constantly changing and expanding. The quests in Lineage II are not the usual “UPS” messenger boy quests. Bravery and Cleverness are necessary for these quests which stress the importance of player interaction and unity. This is an atmosphere every MMORPG tries to create. Ok, I know your thinking, “Come on, I can’t party with that n00b!” You don’t have to. Unlike other MMORPG’s out in the market, Lineage II allows for Player vs. Player combat. So, If you don’t like Tinkerbelle because she is a fairy, bash her face in with a cudgel or impale her with your broadsword.