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Draco 84
2nd Jul 2003, 01:28 PM
Ok...After going through the Favorite Maps thread I realized that people seem to actually enjoy a break from the typical dark, moody, scary-looking, whatever maps. It is for this reason that I started my Funhouse map. Recently I haven't had much time to work on it and so it has slipped between the cracks...but like I said after seeing that people actually like (different) maps I decided that maybe I would post some stuff about Funhouse and let you guys (who would maybe be playing the map) decide on whether or not it's worth my time to finsh.

*MAP INFO* It's pretty straightforward...two equal sides with a ball spawn in the middle of the room. The ball is in the middle of a large maze that has many suprises and other goodies. On each side of the main room with the maze are two rooms with booby traps (mmmm....boobies...) that make up the entire room. Lot's of jumpads (yet to go in) will rocket you all over the level...

*PICS* Loaded with scale actors (little blue guys) so you can see how big the level looks.

*Pic one shows one of the side rooms with 4 different pitfall traps...
A: 3 pipes move up and down when you get on them...just keep running straight.
B: Bunches of pipes move up and down (Mario Style)...jump from one moving pipe to another to get across.
C: One pipe that moves side to side (very fast)...run like a bitch across this one!
Each of the afore named pitfall traps stop after 10 cycles and then come to rest at their original positions (so they're not impossible to get on)
D: A but load of stationary pillars that you simply jump across.

*Pic 2 shows the main room from one of the side rooms (circular platform in the middle on main floor is where ball spawns)

*Pic 3 shows main room from red base (bases are not yet fully detailed)

(I can post bigger/more pics if anybody wants)

Draco 84
2nd Jul 2003, 11:48 PM
Ok guys...I know it's not pretty and that it looks more like a UT1 map than one for 2K3 but everyone that I've had run through it (about 4 guys) had quite a hoot dealing with the traps alone. Somebody give me some sort of feedback...
Anything is nice...

3rd Jul 2003, 12:07 AM
If anyone has visited the ut2k3 section of the forums before, they would know that I am a huge fan of gameplay>eye candy. I think a map that lets u play on a LAN for hours on end and not get tired is better than a map u look at for 2 seconds, enjoy the visuals, and then get mad cause it runs like crap and/or cause it has a poor layout. However, this does not generally mean that you can make a map with no eye candy whatsoever... every map needs a theme that it must follow. Your map has a theme, and I just think that you need some more stuff in the map to fit that theme... like a giant clown or fire jets or bouncing balls all over the place. I know its in beta stage but so far it seems too linear also. I would make some secret passageways and other fun places to hide so you almost never know where the ball carrier is. maybe make some more custom textures and static meshes too. Also, the BSP architecture in your screenshots looks very plain and boring. Maybe make the main room a cylinder, or a cone, or a sphere. Then make some pillars and custom stairs and stuff to make the map look like a real fun house. Well there are my 3 cents I hope they will help.

3rd Jul 2003, 12:32 AM
Yeah, the idea is good. I'm sure there's some fun gameplay there. You just have too many cubes going to really suck someone in on the atmosphere. Because part of the fun is buying into the location.

Lighting is a little too even too.

There are loads of ways to sell the Funhouse theme and still have a believable map. Not photorealistic, but some plausible architecture.

My .02

3rd Jul 2003, 06:25 PM
The traps in the first picture sound like they could be fun, but they won't be in the way they're used there. They'll just make this a gigantic deathtrap instead of a fun alternate route.
I'd suggest you break it up in smaller rooms so it becomes impossible for one person at the end to defend it.

Also keep in mind that there's the translocator. So any efford you have spent on making those traps is going to be wasted as soon as people get good at translocating past the traps.
You might want to use a no-translocator zone or something, but without a good clue as to why it's not 'allowed' it will make people complain about bugs ...

Mazes may sound like fun in theory ... but they'll only frustrate the newbies and the veterans alike. The newbies will hate getting stuck without knowing how to get out. And the veterans will have to spend ages trying to help newbies through the maze ...

Try to make it so it only *looks like* a maze without it being one. It should be possible for a new player to find the exits without getting lost (subtle clues will be useless).

A good 'funhouse' definitely needs a ton of character/eye-candy and a believable atmosohere before it can be anything other than a gimmick-map that's too frustrating to play.

Draco 84
8th Jul 2003, 01:21 AM
Thanks Fellas...
I just got back from a week long vacation in Minnesota...
I guess that I should have said that the map is more in Pre-Alpha than anything else...
I've only actually maybe invested 3 hours in production so far so it's not like starting over would be a big deal...
I greatly appreciate the C&C and I think I'll head back to the drawing boards...

Raffi: I had secret passage ways in my design just didn't quite know where to put them yet...(I'll work on that) Love the giant clown Idea...I was originally planning on making a scaring clown laugh evrytime somebody picked up the ball...but a huge scary clown head somewhere in the map would be sweet...(just as soon as my modelling skills develope...err...I mean come into existence (may be a while on that)

hal: You're right about the 'too cubic' remark...will work on that too...and as for the lighting...already taken care of!

Rimmer: Traps are not as bad as a deathtrap as one would think...just as long as you're the first to activate them that is...(will work on that)...also with the translocator, I knew people would be x-locing over the traps...which is why "D" in the picture is too big to X-loc over...

Overall I WILL make it more visually appealing...(with time)...I knew that was it's main problem...and know I know how to fix it!

Thanks again fellas!

8th Jul 2003, 02:59 AM
Rimmer: Traps are not as bad as a deathtrap as one would think...just as long as you're the first to activate them that is...(will work on that)...also with the translocator, I knew people would be x-locing over the traps...which is why "D" in the picture is too big to X-loc over...

Are u sure about that? u know its possible to X-loc 5 times in a row, which covers a real load of ground when done right. Maybe don't make the ceilings too high, so the X-loc can't be thrown that far.

8th Jul 2003, 06:45 AM
So they'll take the 'traps' one X-loc at a time ...
For a trained telemonkey that's nothing.

And never mind that a flag-carrier would be a sitting duck if he'd try that route. Unless you're using a 'carry the flag'-mutator trying to escape through there is going to be suicide.

Draco 84
8th Jul 2003, 06:59 PM
All taken into account...I think I may make some narrow catwalk-type ... well catwalks ... that go above the traps ... I think starting over is necessary...
More info is welcome!