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1st Jul 2003, 12:10 PM
I been thinking of doing this mod for a while, and I think I'm going to do because I like the idea.

Ok well the name of the mod is Unreal Toons (until I come up with something better) and basically the playing style will be like the spyro games if you ever played those for the ps and the ps2. I got some of the stuff planned out already and anyone who wants to join onto the team can give their ideas into it .

And it's single player. No multiplayer planned yet.
And it's in third person view, not first person

But first, some stuff about me. I'm a in-between newbie/experienced unrealscript coder. I caught on to it real fast because I already knew some C++. I'm a fast-learner so I'll be doing complicated stuff in unrealscript in no time . I'm also a mapper, haven't made any completed maps (you all know what it's like when you start working on a map, then you get bored of it/something got you stuck and you can't fix it). I'm also in Central Time Zone so you might want to think about that .

Now for the contact info -
Email - rj8722@hotmail.com
AIM - RJ8722
MSN - rj8722@hotmail.com
ICQ - 178329965

Team - Max of like 5 - 6 people because I don't want to have to manage a BIG team yet :\.

Positions -
RJ8722 - Project Leader/Coder/Mapper (I got all these covered)
Modeler - You better know how to make/animate/skin your own models.
Texture Artist - If you can make spyro-like textures, then this position would be for you
Mapper - If you can map, I could always use a 2nd mapper
Sound/Music - Just be able to make sound effects/music that can be used in UT2k3
I think I got all the positions ... if I'm missing one let me know.
By the way, you can have more than 1 position, so you could be a mapper/modeler (multi-talented are especially wanted ).

And now for some final words from me -
I just want to have fun creating this mod and have fun playing this mod. I don't have any plans for it to go commercial, but if it looks like commercial quality, then I may consider it, but probably not. I also will not rush with making this mod. I could have saved it for the HL2 engine, but I was like ... too many people are going to be making mods for it. So that's why I chose the UT2k3 Engine.

(Note: If I made any mistakes in that post, let me know so I can correct it. I was typing this whole thing out at like 10 PM so I'm a little tired)


Just to see how fun me and a friend are trying to make this mod, here 2 concept images done over netmeeting using whiteboard (hey it's fun ).

2nd Jul 2003, 01:46 PM
I already begun coding work on the mod ... no one has applied to be in it so I still need all the above :|.

http://www.the-beach.net/~deathgibs/rj8722/screenshot1.jpg there's me coding the GUI (just need some new textures .....)

2nd Jul 2003, 10:13 PM
New site up: http://free.hostdepartment.com/R/RJ8722/

*Note - the little copyright symbol my webhost put on messes up the layout a little, but not like really bad

17th Jul 2003, 07:13 PM