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1st Jul 2003, 07:50 AM
3DFrags.com was kind enough to transcribe the IRC chat (reported yesterday) held jointly by Epic and NVidia to answer questions centered around their "Make Something Unreal" contest.
Pezman[ATARI] [P]hektik : does the winner of the competition just receive money/prizes or will it go beyond that like an oppurtunity for employment on this or future projects?

MarkRein[Epic] Well, that's a great question... Did you know that over HALF of the development team at Epic Games were previously mod makers? Making a great mod doesn't guarantee you a job in the industry but it is a proven way of demonstrating your capabilities to potential employers! The guy who made the 2nd place mod for the previous mod contest (Tac Ops) is now working... at Epic on UT2004!
StevePolge[Epic] There is a great demand for talented game developers. Making a great mod is a great way to showcase your talents to the game development industry.
Bill[NVIDIA] Speaking for NVIDIA, we're always looking for new talent. This contest is a great way to catch our attention.

1st Jul 2003, 06:41 PM
yay! I'm on the transcript!

1st Jul 2003, 07:07 PM
Get off it, f00. I can't read it with you traipsing all over it :p