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30th Jun 2003, 07:15 PM
So, when is someone going to come out with a decent grappling hook mod for UT2K3 like the beamer in old school realctf. what would be even better is one that you could use with a weapon inhand. i tried that ninja rope mutator, and its kinda crappy, good idea though, just not the ideal hook.

30th Jun 2003, 09:18 PM
ChaosUT2:Evolution will have a grappling hook along with many cool weapons (there will probably be a grapple only mutator) and the team makes some high quality stuff. Check it out (http://dynamic4.gamespy.com/~chaotic/index.php)

R.Flagg {MoO}
2nd Jul 2003, 01:37 AM
Hey, thanks for the recommendation BulletProof! :)

And cvydas, our grapple is sorta different than the RealCTF 'beamer', but hopefully you'll find it just as fun. Ours is in fact an 'offhand' hook, but I'm afraid no 'grapple-only' mut this time.

One feature about ours that I really like, is the fact that you can stop yourself while being pulled in if you want to, and swing from the thing like a monkey. I like to stop halfway, swing and let go, so I get thrown across pits and stuff.

Here's bit from the manual in progress.

The Chaos Grappling Hook has a very basic design which allows even first time users to easily hook themselves around the map.

One press of the 'Grapple Hook On/Off' button fires the grapple, as soon as it hits a wall it will dig in and instantly start to pull you towards that point. Once you get there, hit the same hook button again to be released. It's just that easy!

However, there are plenty of different ways you can have fun with it after a little practice. For example; after the grapple hooks something, and starts to pull you in, if you then press the hook button a second time, before you reach the end of your cable, you will stop being pulled in, and you can now swing from the cable. When you're done swinging, just press it a third time to be released.

In addition, while you are hanging from your grappling hook, the weight of your body will cause the cable to slowly be released, and you will be lowered. Hit your 2nd key, the 'Grapple Hook Up' key, to wind the cable back in, and you will be pulled back up.

BTW: the blades of the hook are pretty sharp... try it on players ;)

Note: You have to bind two keys for the grappling hook in the ChaosUT2 menu, one master key for shooting/swinging/releasing the hook and one 'hook-up' key for going up the cable during the swinging state.

Though you really only need one key to use it. The 2nd key is just if you like to hang from your cable a lot, so you can use it to slide up and down the cable. But that of course is not required to play. So if keys are limited, leave that one out.

If all goes well, and I think it will, you should get to try it out by July 15th. At least we hope you try it out. ;)