View Full Version : Weapon Moddeler/Animator/Skiner wanted for UTRPG mod

27th Jun 2003, 08:22 AM
to work with Uscript Coder/Sound Designer on UT2003 Gametype;
Dynamic skill based rpg mod
brief design sheet: http://machine.vectorstar.net/mod/rpMutator.txt
Will be required to make, skin, and animate models, and prepare them in unreal format for me to implement
max of 26 weapons. + a few (max 10) pickups
This is a spare time job for me, so its not going to have a hardcore timeline.. more of a when you get the models done kinda thing.
Portfolio/Previous Work would be nice, but not required.

Except for a few specific ideas, you will have complete creative control over how the weapon looks, within our specific feel..

This is a see how we go project, if the gametype gets finished, and both myself, and the modeller are happy to continue, then i'd like to make it into something f***ing cool. Single+COOP+Multiwise..
... as i said.. see how we go..

any applications/question/comments/suggestions
email me:

btw. it'd be really cool if you were based in brisbane, australia... but thats asking a bit too much.. <grins>

1st Jul 2003, 10:00 AM
sounds like fun, but all it takes is one person that has a more decent aim than the other players to own the entire match.