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26th Jun 2003, 07:18 AM
Here it is, finally found a site without file size limit.
I'm especially interested how it behaves online and if all the effects are drawn properly in multiplayer, so please download and give it a spin, but...


No Mutator added yet! You'll need W.O.R.M. to bring the new weapons into the game. Alternatively, you can use the original built in Arena Mutator.

Scored a straight 10/10 at Unreal2003Files, but then again they probably haven't seen a weapon pack in a while Nevertheless, feedback is good for my ego, which is good for my motivation, which means more and better weapons to come in the near future. If there's a skilled coder or modeler out there willing to join me, I'm waiting.

Here's the link...


a number of development screenshots can be found here...


here's an excerpt from the readme

Weapon Description:

The Desintegrator is a device both widely used as a weapon as well as a mining tool, focusing a flirring, greenish field that is capable of interfering with the targets cohaesive forces on a molecular level. Matter with extremely high density will sustain longer, still even the hardest stone can be rendered to ultra-fine dust in a matter of seconds. Gases principally seem unaffected, since their cohaesive forces are already very low. A living being struck by a desintegrator ray will usually dissolve and die instantly, but since most tournament combatants have undergone various degrees of biomechanical enhancement a few extra hits can never hurt...

... you, of course.

Primary - Fire Desintegrator ray. Since the Desintegrator has a built in energy source ammo will auto-replenish, but the power of the beam you fire is directly proportional the charging status of the weapon.

Secondary - Tactical Zoom

Plasma Gun
A 'pulse driver' is based on the cold fusion principle and usually only encountered in form of an impulse drive inside a full sized starship, but recently also a number of prototype handheld weapons featuring a nuclear pulse generator have appeared. Catalytic Deuterium is used as nuclear reactive mass, the created fusion plasma is then contained and accellerated through a tubular field with gravomechanical properies. Projectiles usually glow in an eerie blue and are capable of melting even through five-inch plates of solid Terkonit.

Primary - Hold button to charge up to 40 energy units into a single, devastating blast.
Secondary - Full auto firing. Useful against crowds.

Thermo Blasters
The basic carbon laser pistol issued to military and security personal all over the galaxy. Small, lightweight, dependable and at the same time dealing out damage like no other, once you got two of them...

Primary - Fire left pistol
Secondary - Fire right pistol

You can of course press both buttons at the same time for dual-frying-action. Just watch your ammo.

Thermal Projector
The CNC or, scientifically correct, 'Constant-Rip Needlepoint Cannon', is combining two completely different physical principles into an entirely new weapon: an ordinary high-power infrared carbon laser is fired through a tubular energy field with hyperphysical characteristics, that completely prevents the beam to suffer any losses, be it optical or thermical diasperation. Not only is it possible this way to keep the beam focused even over long distances, but the surrounding air also wont heat up.

Primary - Keep the laser focused on your foes. Brief contact will lead to a serious sunburn... longer contact will first vaporize the water inside the target, then set the flesh on fire. Finally only a skeleton will be left.

Secondary - Tactical Zoom

Combat Mortar
Latest development in the heavy-assault gear department. Definitely not recommended for close combat.

Primary - Fire tactical neutron grenade. Count gibs.
Secondary - Same as primary, but chargable for much greater distances.


and a screenshot of the Thermo Blasters

27th Jun 2003, 03:23 AM
pretty cool stuff man, I love the Thermo Blasters and the Plasma Gun especially... nice FX on the alt's explosion.

4th Jul 2003, 04:07 AM
I think its pretty righteous.

4th Jul 2003, 04:35 AM
Forgot I was gonna give some feedback on this. :p
Desintegrator has some nice death effects goin' on. I think you could do a little more with the green poof when they skeletize, though.
Plasma gun bored me. Maybe you could add some more effects to the plasma or something. Nice charging sound. :)
Thermal blasters seem a little to far off center to me. The lasers don't look like they're coming exactly from the weapon barrels and hit to the sides of where you're aiming.
Thermal projector was kinda cool. I think you should have it produce a flaming skeleton rather than just have their flesh disappear. Yeah, that'd be fun! :D
Combat mortar seemed too much like the flak cannon to me, though I don't know what else you really could do to it. :hmm:
If any of that seemed harsh don't worry about it; I have trouble satisfying myself even with my own weapons. :rolleyes: Keep at it! ;)